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Living Tiny in Sydney: 8 Hacks to Maximize a Tiny Space

Living Tiny in Sydney: 8 Hacks to Maximize a Tiny Space

In recent years, the tiny house movement has spread like wildfire here in Australia, and cities, including Sydney, are not being left behind. Contrary to popular opinion, these homes have been around longer and have a captivating history.

Tiny houses initially emerged in the US, but their rise in popularity came in 2005 when they became accommodation for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. When the global financial crisis rocked the world in late 2007, people began looking for affordable housing options, and at that point, the tiny house movement was born.

And while Australia may not have been home to the first tiny home, it is now home to hundreds of tiny home-building companies. Australians want to live more simply and sustainably. These views have further gained momentum with the rise of minimalism.

Most people today are eager to adopt a simpler, more intentional life; the solution for most is moving into a tiny home. If you fall within this demographic but are afraid to transition because you are intimidated, here are a few hacks to maximize the space in your tiny home.

1. Buy furniture that is customized to fit your space

A good hack to make the most of your tiny home is to get furniture that is most sensible for your space. Get furniture that is customized to fit the room instead of basing how you organize your home around that particular piece of furniture. Having the right-sized furniture should be first on your tiny house interior design list.

Therefore, instead of getting a bulky recliner, opt for a sectional that fits but is comfortable enough to lounge on as you play online poker at Uptown Pokies – even with friends.

2. Get mobile furnishings

A common challenge with tiny living is figuring out how individuals can co-exist harmoniously and conveniently with all the furniture and functional spaces within the house. Adding mobile furniture is a good way to strike the right balance, as it allows you to move things around when you need to use the space for different purposes throughout the day.

You will be surprised at how much easier tiny house living can be when you don’t have furniture rooted in specific spots, whether by having a movable coffee table or a mobile working surface in your kitchen.

3. Incorporate mirrors into the space

While at first glance you might think this is counterproductive, having an oversized mirror in your house is a clever trick to add an illusion of space if you use it strategically. Lean your mirror against one of your walls in a spot where it will reflect natural light. Your mirror will bounce the sunlight around the room, creating the illusion of windows and more space.

4. Create storage in otherwise unused spaces.

Many people struggle with the idea of living in a tiny house because they anticipate lacking adequate storage, especially if they are not minimalists. Fortunately, you can use spaces that would otherwise be wasted or unused to create built-in storage that can add a lot of functionality to your home.

For instance, you can convert the space under your staircase into a pantry or a built-in closet. Additionally, using the mezzanine level above your living and working space as your bedroom leaves you with more room to work and entertain.

5. Use light paint shades

Lighter hues create the illusion of more room, while darker colors contract your space. Therefore, using fairer colors on larger surfaces in your house is the most sensible approach. Go for colors like ivory and white for your ceilings, floors, and walls to make your tiny space bright and airy. Fairer hues will also help you make the most of natural light.

6. Follow the ‘one in, one out’ rule

Keeping your space clutter-free may seem like an obvious trick for anyone living in a small space, but it is often easier said than done. Strictly sticking to the ‘one in, one out’ rule ensures that each time you bring a new addition to your space, another one has to go. It can be anything, from a cushion and decor piece to furniture.

Sticking to this rule will ensure you think carefully before purchasing anything, so you’ll only get pieces you love and will care for for years to come.

7. Purchase multifunctional pieces

When you have a short supply of space, you can’t afford to waste any. Unfortunately, this is what most standard fittings, furniture, and fixtures do to your home, especially without fine-tuning or re-imagining. Coffee tables and beds, for instance, tend to create dead space underneath, which can be put to practical use.

So, consider buying multipurpose furniture—for instance, an ottoman that you can use as a coffee table and storage for books and clothes. You could also purchase a bed with inbuilt drawers underneath, which can act as extra storage for out-of-season clothes and shoes.

8. Assign every element a purpose

When living tiny, every element there must have a purpose. For instance, in some tiny houses, kitchen cabinets are used as room dividers to separate the kitchen from the living room space.

Final thoughts

It is possible to live very comfortably in a tiny house. Follow these tips to make your new home functional and your own.

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