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Meet Emille Mendoza

Meet Emille Mendoza: Founder of shimmering coconut oil, Boracay Skin

Emille Mendoza built her global skincare business, Boracay Skin, while she was a flight attendant, pouring all her savings into the brand. Now she makes $140,000 a month by selling her coconut-based body oils in Australia and the USA, including the Insta-famous best-selling bronze shimmering oil. It’s not always been an easy journey though, and after working exceptionally hard on her business, 28-year old Emille is keen to share the lessons she’s learned.

Emille started Aussie-made Boracay Skin after a trip to the picturesque Filipino island, Boracay, where she discovered how coconut oil nourished her skin. As a flight attendant constantly working in the dry cabin air, Emille battled dry skin and found coconut oil worked incredibly well to hydrate her skin. This inspired her first product, Natural Sun and Body Oil.

“It was a side business for a while and I would work on it during my layovers and on weekends – basically whenever I had spare time,” Emille says. Emille completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in Entrepreneurship in 2015 and used her wages to fund the business. While her colleagues were saving for their futures, everything she earned went into the business.

“It was tough using everything I earned, but I decided I had to do it. I took the leap and quit my job as a flight attendant in November 2018 and that’s when things really started to take off. Boracay Skin is now my full-time job,” says Emille.

Tragedy was partly responsible for Emille taking the huge leap away from the security of a salaried job. Emille’s brother passed away in 2014 and it made her rethink her life. “When my brother passed away, it completely changed my life. It made me think about what I wanted to do with my life and shook up my perspective,” said Emille. “Before then, I was always making excuses, but I wanted to live a life I loved and I thought: This is my chance. That’s why I launched in 2015.”

This journey of study, family tragedy and endless drive to get her business off the ground has taught Mendoza countless lessons, and she’s eager to share them. Here are her top three entrepreneurial lessons:

Just start: Stop waiting for the perfect moment to launch. You can always fix what isn’t perfect later, just work it out as you go.

Be adaptable: When I started the business, I felt like Instagram wasn’t big at the time, but now it is. You have to keep up with trends and pivot to make sure you’re staying relevant to your consumers.

Establish a good support network: Even if you don’t know anyone in the business world, just reach out to people who can support your journey, and offer to support them.

Emille isn’t the first to acknowledge building a business isn’t easy, but to her, sitting down and setting goals is key. Her number one tip:

“To become successful, you need to define what success is for you: Know your own goals, inspirations and just forget what everyone else says.”

Boracay Skin has appeared in Miami Swim Fashion Week in the USA, Urban Outfitters and is beloved by countless influencers. The Melbourne-based brand has made its stamp on the world, and their exceptionally nourishing body oils truly help people.

“I’ve had many customers personally let me know that our products have helped with their skin conditions too and it is the most rewarding feeling,” Emille says.

Discover Boracay Skin at @boracayskin or

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