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A Not-So-Silver Lining

A Not-So-Silver Lining

With the discovery of the first grey gene known as IRF4, scientists may be on the way to developing a ‘cure’ for a very common issue. Identifying that IRF4 has a role in how and when our hair loses its natural colour confirms that going grey is partly determined from birth and that it’s firmly in our DNA.

Greying occurs as hair follicles gradually cease producing the pigment that gives hair its colour; even though IRF4 has been pinpointed, there is currently no way to ascertain when that might happen or to whom with the process occurring at different rates for different people.

“We all have this gene, which plays a role in determining pigmentation including our hair colour,” said Leandro De Lima, Marketing Manager of Combe Asia-Pacific, the makers of Just For Men. “The fact that scientists are now working towards understanding how this gene influences hair greying, and the possibility of a treatment that delays, halts or even reverses the process of going grey, shows how important a solution to grey hair is to people.”

Just For Men’s own recent research discovered that 30 per cent of Australian men who are either grey or greying dislike their hair, but are reluctant to do anything about it due to concerns over potential unnatural looking results.

As a result, three new intermediate shades (Light Medium Brown, Medium Dark Brown and Darkest Brown) have been introduced into the Just For Men range to expand the colours available for a better match to the hair’s natural colour. “This means that men can achieve a more natural look and no longer need to settle for a ‘close enough’ shade,” said De Lima. “Just as scientists are targeting the gene IRF4 for research into how we go grey, Just For Men’s Grey Target Technology means only the grey strands are targeted for colouring, resulting in natural-looking treated hair.”

Just For Men is easily incorporated into any grooming routine as the shampoo-in haircolour is quick and simple to use – just five minutes every five weeks. The formula is no-drip and mess-free, contains no damaging ammonia and will leave hair thicker and looking fuller.

Just For Men (RRP $12.45) is available nationally at all major supermarkets and leading pharmacies. 

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