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One-Of-A-Kind Gifts For Sophisticated Fathers

One-Of-A-Kind Gifts For Sophisticated Fathers

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about a special gift for the man that’s been there since day one. He’s an individual, eccentric yet refined, and usually doesn’t meet the classic dad check list. His taste encompasses more than just football and beer, and he takes pleasure in honing his chosen craft. It’s time he received a gift that makes him feel like the sophisticated, epicurean man that he is.

Renowned South African artist and designer, Carrol Boyes, has created a range of one-of-a-kind products that make perfect gifts for dads who have an appreciation for the finer things in life. Within the range, there is something to please the five different types of sophisticated fathers.

The “Wine Connoisseur”

The man who spends half an hour in the Shiraz section of the liquor store to find the perfect drop. At dinner he skilfully uncorks the bottle and will insist on letting it breathe before pouring a glass. After swirling it gently, he will take a sip, nod and congratulate himself on choosing a truly decadent red. The wine connoisseur dad will appreciate the wine aerator holder, glass decanter set to serve his favourite vintage and the wine rack to keep his finest selections on stylish display.

The “Foodie

The foodie not only enjoys fine dining, but he also likes to host dinner parties where he can enjoy the company of friends and family over even better food. He would rather die than hear that his filet mignon is anywhere above medium-rare. The foodie dad needs kitchen and dining accessories that highlight his glorious creations, like the Carrol Boyes ‘Three Board Holder’, the ‘Chip and Dip’ or utensils that accentuate the meticulous display such as the cheese knife – ‘Wound Up’.

The “Businessman”

The businessman dad strives for success in every aspect of his life. He is ambitious, with great intellect and is a born leader. His home office is his pride and joy, a quiet refuge after a long day at work. The Carrol Boyes office range includes stationary, elegant accessories and file storage solutions that will compliment any desk. For the man still building his empire opt for essential office items such as refined notebooks and pen holders. For the settled and successful businessman, veer towards a sleek magazine holder or coffee mug.

The “Barman”

The spirited man who can rival James Bond’s martinis and can tell the difference between a blend and a single malt needs reliable tools to make his bar space truly radiate. The Carrol Boyes phenomenal drinks trolley, abstract coasters or the hand blown whiskey glasses will help him bring those spirits to life.

The “Coffee Enthusiast”

Even though this man never refuses the opportunity to indulge in a quality coffee, he probably prefers to make his own at home to ensure it tastes just right. He is often found enjoying a coffee at any time of the day. For the coffee enthusiast, Carrol Boyes recommends the ‘Full of Beans’ coffee plunger or the coffee pod holder ‘Sketchbook’.

The Carrol Boyes range (starting from $35) is available in selected independent retailers, in a number of David Jones stores and online.

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