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The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger

Starring: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, Helena Bonham Carter, Barry Pepper, William Fichtner, Tom Wilkinson (Rated M – 149 min).

Anyone who remembers the original legend of the Lone Ranger from either radio broadcasts, comic books or various televised versions will see very little resemblance of the all American western hero. An attempt to resurrect the masked lawman in the 1980s proved to be an epic failure and since forgotten. The story is told from the now aged Indian side-kick, Tonto, recollecting events of his younger years and how his friend John Reid became the Lone Ranger. All elements of a rousing adventure are there, the stunts are huge and the film is filtered with enough absurdities to gain plenty of standard laughs.

Armie Hammer (The Social Network, Mirror Mirror) plays Reid, a clean cut, sweet, unassuming gentleman who teams up under unlikely circumstances with Native Indian Tonto (Johhny Depp in another crazed performance complete with dead bird headpiece). Unlike the original, Tonto is no longer just the side-kick, literally taking the reins to help John Reid out of his confined shell and into a heroic frame of mind. When the Lone Ranger is manifested wearing the famous black eye mask, he maintains the human aspect of the man, rather than superhuman which was a nice touch.

Defying conventions and expectations to satisfy audiences with a fast moving comedy, this gun-slinging odd couple find themselves in trouble all across the Wild Wild West. The bickering and unusual situations the pair become caught up with is milled for all its worth. Helena Bonham Carter is inch perfect (you will see what I mean) as a flame haired madam with a decorative prosthetic leg. Like Depp, she over acts with outrageous results. A spectacular, but long winded scene on board, then on top of two speeding steam trains is riveting high tension dramatics.

Another moment sent chills down my spine. I can only imagine it may send long time fans amongst the audience into a frenzy after a magnificent version of Rossini’s William Tell Overture, blasts over the soundtrack accompanying an unforgettable image of the hero riding his faithful white horse Silver. Fatigue sets in trying to hold up a dismal plot not worthy of mention, but while it’s no classic, on its own merits there is fun to be had.

Shane A Bassett

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