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Three coffee pairings that will take your festive palate to the next level

Three coffee pairings that will take your festive palate to the next level

Tis the season to drink coffee, right?

It’s the same every year, the start of the festive season coincides with the end of year burn out. While that can’t be changed, Jamaica Blue is offering solace in the form of pairing its award-winning brews with the best holiday treats to be enjoyed in the infrequent time out moments in the midst of the madness.


Indulge in Eggs Benedict and Christmas Ham. This dish marries well with the light and zesty Green Kiwi Smoothie. This plant-based power-kick is dairy free, and full of essential nutrients.

The only way to finish this delicious breakfast, that will have you ready to take on the day, is with a Signature Blend flat white, known for embodying a hint of berry, notes of chocolate and a smooth light cocoa aftertaste.


Devour the sweet taste of Dijon mustard and the brilliant combination of tomato, sage, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, a.k.a the Christmas Ham & Coffee Chutney Roll. With ginger, pineapple and hints of chilli, the coffee chutney gives this festive favourite an island twist.

Top off your festive feast with the balanced roast and mellow taste of the Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend – which originates from one of the best coffee-producing regions in the world (and the ideal pick-me-up when the midday slump hits). 

Afternoon Tea/Sweet Treat

And when you’re tired of the same old Christmas pudding year round, a rich Dark Jamaican Christmas Cake is just what you need. The cake’s spicy aromas and generous frosting, makes the Single Origin bean, best enjoyed as an espresso, its perfect match. Revel in powerful notes of toffee, chocolate, hazelnut and the hints of blackcurrant (and just enough buzz to get you through the long night).

Try Jamaica Blue’s award-winning coffee and the exclusive limited-edition Christmas menu at your local cafe.

If you’re looking to spice up your Christmas this year, Jamaica Blue’s limited-edition cookbook, Classics With A Twist is available in cafes now. RRP$19.95 or free when you spend $50 in store.

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