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What Type Of Scissors Do Hairdressers & Barbers in Sydney Use?

What Type Of Scissors Do Hairdressers & Barbers in Sydney Use?

Oh, honey, the world of hairdressing is a whole lot more than just a trim here and a snip there! If you think any old pair of scissors will do the trick, you’re wildly mistaken. It’s high time we bust this myth and shed some light on the dynamic range of scissors used by professional hairdressers and barbers in Sydney.

The Ultra-Fine Sharp Edges Game

The pros in salons and barbershops take their tools pretty seriously. And the queen of their toolkit? The ultra-fine sharp edge scissors. These beauties have one main job: slicing through hair with minimal damage, keeping those pesky split-ends at bay. So, when you waltz out of the salon with that bounce in your hair, and your heart, remember to tip your hat to these unsung heroes!

Hairdressers and Their Magic Wands

Typically, hairdressers carry a set of different types of scissors:

– A smaller hair cutting scissor (5.0″) for precision cutting
A longer hair cutting scissor (6.0″) for cutting larger chunks of hair
A thinning scissor for removing weight
A texturizing scissor for creating volume and blending layers

Each one has its own unique role, ensuring your hair gets the royal treatment it deserves.

Barbers and Their Mighty Tools

Barbers, on the other hand, usually have:

– A 6.0″ scissor for all-round haircutting
A longer 7.0″ scissor for powerful haircutting techniques that remove larger chunks of coarse hair
– A thinning scissor for removing excess weight in thick hair

Just as you need the right tools for the job, so do our barber friends, and these scissors ensure they deliver a cut above the rest.

What Should You Expect to Pay in Sydney for a Pro Pair of Scissors?

Now, let’s talk dollars and cents. I know, I know, we all love a good bargain, but when it comes to hairdressing scissors, quality does come at a price. In Sydney, you can expect to shell out anywhere from $99 to $499 for a professional pair of scissors.

But what’s behind this price tag, you ask? Well, several factors contribute to the cost:

– Brand: Some names just command a higher price, darlings!
Materials: High-quality steel? Yup, that will bump up the cost.
– Manufacturing quality: More attention to detail, better the product, higher the price.
– Uniqueness: If it’s one-of-a-kind, it won’t come cheap!

And here’s a fun fact for you. About two decades ago, Australians wouldn’t bat an eyelid dropping anywhere from $500 to $1500 per pair! But times, they are a-changin’, and the most popular scissors sold to salons and barbershops nowadays hover between the more budget-friendly $99 to $199 range.

So, keep these points in mind when you’re out shopping for your shiny new pair of hairdressing scissors. Quality tools are an investment in your craft, after all!

Popular Brands in Sydney

Sydney salons and barbershops are pretty picky about their scissor brands. The most popular brands you’ll find gracing their stations are:

– Jaguar German Scissors: Known for their unparalleled sharpness and ergonomic design
Yasaka Shears: Celebrated for their precision and ease of use
– Ichiro Scissors: Loved for their perfect balance and durability
– Mina Scissors: Admired for their high-quality craftsmanship and affordability
– Kasho Shears: Renowned for their ultimate performance and exquisite Japanese design

If you want to check out these fabulous tools of the trade, head over to Australia’s number #1 store for Japanese Scissors, Japan Scissors or Sydney’s best online hair scissor store, Scissor Hub.

So, darling, the next time you’re due for a trim or a complete hair makeover, remember the star-studded toolkit your hairdresser or barber whips out for you. Happy hairdressing!

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