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In a sleepy Saskatchewan town drug dealers run amok. The police force is understaffed. An upcoming election offers little change and even less hope.

Caught in the middle is Deputy Lou Garou. When he isn’t passed out drunk, Lou passes the time in between drinks throwing up from his beaten up squad car. Then one night he is lured into the woods where he becomes the unwilling participant of an occultism ritual. His memorable transformation – showcased in glorious grizzly details – brings with it a deadly new self-confidence. Oh yeah and a keen sense of smell. Crime scenes will never be the same.

Accompanied by his hilarious sidekick Willy, WolfCop sets about breaking up meth labs, foiling armed robberies and ravishing the ladies. When he begins, however, to uncover a greater conspiracy behind a series of violent murders his part in a devious plot becomes potentially disastrous. Featuring spectacular retro FX, uproarious one-liners and one seriously pimped out car, WolfCop delivers a raucous yarn of comedy-horror with an action hero worthy of this hair-raising adventure.

WolfCop is available now.

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