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Wood-Fired Oven Hacks from The Experts

Wood-Fired Oven Hacks from The Experts

An incredible piece of culinary equipment is a wood-fired oven. The fact that the wood-fired pizza oven can be made to perform to its full potential with the use of a few straightforward strategies and recommendations is what makes its presence in the kitchen all the more notable. The management of a pizza oven that is fired by wood might be challenging. In contrast to an oven that is fueled by gas, it does not always come with an instruction booklet. It is possible that your first attempt at cooking could be a frustrating one, particularly if you are overly excited to make your pizza recipe.

But worry not. You might be overestimating the level of difficulty involved. The best pizza chefs in the world provide their tried-and-true advice and recommendations for using a wood-fired oven. The fun comes from making mistakes and learning from them.

1. Get the fire going right away

It is sufficient to start the fire in your oven one to two hours before using it; in contrast to a conventional range, in which the temperature rises quickly, a brick oven requires more time to reach the desired cooking temperature.

One thing to keep in mind regarding the temperature of the oven is the fact that dough requires a different temperature. Some dough’s can be baked well around 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while others turn out best between 900 and 1000 degrees. Refer to the perfect temperatures for wood-fired cooking.

2. Set aside enough time to cure

Curing your newly purchased oven is one of the most typical wood-fired oven blunders. Perhaps because they’re so anxious to create something delicious and meaty, or because they don’t have enough time to do it properly.

Curing refers to the process of letting the mortar to dry out completely once it has been mixed. It extends the life of your pizza oven and ensures that it performs at its best. Building a little fire for five days and leaving it burning for four or five hours is a good place to start. Cracks will appear in all authentic ovens, but with proper curing, the number of cracks will be reduced.

3. Heating the oven

To get the brick oven going, you have to do things a little differently than you would with your typical home oven. So, have you ever wondered how to effectively and safely heat a wood-fired oven? Choosing a hardwood with a diameter of no more than 2-3 inches is a good place to start.

Non-biodegradable materials such as newspapers and plywood are not ideal. There is little heat value in the ash, but the ashes can impart a distinct flavour to the pizza because of their smoke. They’re also not good for the environment.

Stack the woods in a teepee formation in the middle of the oven’s floor to begin. Building a log cabin is another alternative. Set up in the most expansive way possible to heat up a greater area. While a match can be used, butane torch should be used and ignited for 60 seconds at the centre of wood pile. An even fire start can be achieved by using this method.

4. Maintaining a steady temperature

Maintaining a consistent temperature in the oven is the next most important step after turning on the oven. The free passage of air is ensured by a bright and active flame. Airflow is impeded when the fire is overburdened with large logs. Instead, use a few pieces of wood to keep the temperature stable. Before starting to cook your pizza, you should use more coal than fire. Have you checked the top benefits of wood-fired food, yet?

5. Keep it clean

The nicest outdoor pizza oven in the world won’t survive long if it isn’t properly cared for. First, let your wood-fired oven to cool completely, preferably overnight, before attempting any repairs. Use an oven brush or rake to remove the leftover ashes, embers, and wood refuse from the oven. Use a steel or metal brush to avoid removing any stubbor material when cleaning up food scraps.


For the most part, when it comes to wood-fired oven cooking, mistakes may be turned into learning opportunities rather than obstacles. Using these five wood-fired oven tricks can take the stress out of your next cooking experience!

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