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Wotnot Naturals

Wotnot Naturals

Sinead Roberts and Sioned Guard, founders of Wotnot Naturals, began their now incredibly successful business with humble aspirations.

Importing the first eco nappy to Australia, they received an overwhelmingly positive response from Australian mothers who loved their Moltex nappy. After building a loyal customer base, requests for complementary products like baby wipes came flooding in. Sinead and Sioned found that everything on the market fell short of their customers’ demands so they collated the requirements and made the wipes themselves.

Since then, they have gone on to create an extended line of eco-friendly skincare and baby care products, with their customers’ input at the heart of it all. Their products are designed by mothers, with only the best interests for their children in mind. Their products are reflections of their core values – using only organic and sustainably sourced materials where possible, they provide their customers with the opportunity to purchase skin and baby care that won’t impact the earth negatively.

Sinead and Sioned’s other greatest passion is the wellbeing of children. Wotnot embodies this passion, with a percentage of all sales donated to Bear Cottage, a children’s hospice in NSW that helps children and their families with life limiting conditions. Sinead and Sioned also endeavour to help women who find themselves in dire situations without a home. They do so by donating a percentage of all products sold to Women’s Community Shelters, an initiative focused on developing new shelters to cope with increasing demand.

Prior to Wotnot’s launch in 2004, Sinead worked as an IT consultant and project manager before giving birth to her son, while Sioned worked as an office manager for a marketing firm. Both Sinead and Sioned were pregnant with their second children when they launched their first product and, through this, understand the value of a flexible working schedule that allows ample time with family. Wotnot and ECOdirect are conscious of their team, endeavouring to provide a flexible work environment and offering them options of part-time and time-share employment.

Sinead and Sioned have created a successful business based on their passions to simultaneously care for both the environment and their families. Growing through word of mouth initially, the last few years have seen Wotnot stocked in the majority of health stores nationally. A change in people’s attitudes towards mainstream brands and the chemicals they contain is now seeing Wotnot moving into the pharmacy sector.

Through Wotnot’s success, Sinead and Sioned have been empowered to further contribute to the community through their employment philosophy and active financial involvement with Bear Cottage.

Wotnot endeavours to be the most authentic provider of organic baby products and skincare, with Sinead explaining that their ultimate vision is to “be the best, most trusted natural skincare brand for all the family.”

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