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Australia’s Most Popular Sports to Bet On

Australia’s Most Popular Sports to Bet On

Australians are known world over for their love of sports. They not only enjoy playing and watching sports but also have a penchant for sports betting. Those acquainted with the best betting sites in Australia are already aware of the betting options available at their disposal, but fortunately, there is a lot of information on the same across multiple sources. Whether you’re interested in fooball, rugby, cricket, tennis, baseball, or even horse racing, there are multiple sportbet options to try out. These options provide a variety of betting markets for different sports, but it is always advisable to vet every sportsbook before joining.

Here are the top 5 sports in Australia that capture the hearts of the population.


Australia is home to a massive golfing culture with beautiful courses spread across different parts of the country. Locals and tourists from all parts of the globe enjoy top-notch golfing experiences in hotspots, often associated with excellent hotels and bed and breakfasts. However, this passion for golf is not limited to visitors; Australians themselves are avid golf enthusiasts who also engage in golf betting.


Football, known as soccer in Australia, stands as the most popular sport globally, and its popularity extends to Australia as well. Betting sites in Australia cover wagers on professional leagues and major amateur events worldwide. Whether it’s the local Australian Football League, English Premier League, or events in Africa, most competitions, including those leading up to and during the World Cup, are featured. Australians not only love watching professional leagues but actively participate in the sport across all football tiers which are available for betting on the Betway website or app.


While distinct from football, rugby played a crucial role in the foundation of American football and enjoys immense popularity in Australia. Thousands of Aussies actively take part in the sport at school or university levels, and the country hosts major professional leagues. The sport’s global appeal is evident, particularly in Europe, with countries like the United Kingdom producing some of the world’s best rugby players. Consequently, top betting sites recognize rugby as a significant betting option. Australia is ranked among the best rugby sides by World Rugby.


Cricket holds a massive following in Australia, attracting millions of dollars in wagers on top betting sites annually. These platforms offer diverse betting options covering both local and international cricket events, including major tournaments and leagues in countries like India and Pakistan. Cricket’s popularity extends across Africa, where top betting sites like Betway have made cricket betting possible, and it is gradually gaining traction in the United States.


The presence of one of the four major Grand Slam events, the Australian Open, in the country speaks volumes about the fervor Australians have for tennis. Millions actively play tennis in Australia each year, and the country boasts exceptional tennis facilities. Given the sport’s widespread appeal, it’s no wonder that Australia has produced some of the most renowned tennis professionals in history.

Certainly, Australians love sports, both as spectators and participants. The enthusiasm extends to sports betting, and for visitors to the country, there’s ample opportunity to engage in the excitement of wagering on various sporting events through available channels.

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