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Despicable Me 2 Premiere

Despicable Me 2 Premiere

It may have been State of Origin night but at the hub of the Eastern Suburbs at Sydney’s Bondi Junction Westfield plaza, a fun-filled night was about to begin at the Despicable Me 2 Australian Premiere. The red carpet itself was not a long one but media crammed in early waiting for a chat with the excellent Steve Carell and tween star Miranda Cosgrove who play Gru and Margot respectively. Two life size minions ran up, down and around whilst posing for photos. There were even Minion cupcakes offered, very tasty and well decorated. Check the photos out: @Movie_Analyst on Twitter.

**Shane A. Bassett – Hi Miranda it’s lovely to see you. Did you think there would be a sequel after you finished the original?

Miranda Cosgrove – I loved the role and because it became so popular, I had always hoped there would be a new one. It is exciting because my character is a little older in this one. I get to see her growing up slightly.

S.A.B – Which one do you prefer?

M.C – This one as I kind of got to go crazy with the plot which was a lot of fun and there are a lot of new characters which are exciting, especially Kristen Wiig’s character which I adored.

S.A.B – If you had a few minions for yourself, what would you get them to do?

M.C – I would want one to cook for me and one to be my chauffer, that would be awesome (laughing). Probably only those two things.

S.A.B – Your favourite thing about Australia so far?

M.C – Just that it’s really beautiful here. Even though it’s winter, the weather is amazing. I think it’s a beautiful place.

S.A.B – Did you bring any of your own characteristics to Margot seeing she was getting older?

M.C – I definitely thought a little bit about the very first time I liked someone (Margot has a potential boyfriend in the sequel). Remembering that feeling when you can’t even string a sentence together. That’s kind of what Margot is going through too.

S.A.B – Did you hang out with any of the other cast members or did you just record your role in a sound booth solo?

M.C – We all did our roles separately in a sound booth but I know Steve pretty well now through all our publicity and stuff.

S.A.B – He is a funny man, you have worked with some very funny people in your career. Who makes you laugh the most?

M.C – That’s hard, Steve is so hilarious when you least expect it. Jack Black is super awesome (her co-star in School of Rock). I feel like I have been lucky to work with so many cool comedians. Recently I met Kristen Wiig, it’s kind of strange because you have seen their previous movies then it becomes exciting. I was so excited to meet her.

S.A.B – Other than Despicable Me, do you have a favourite animated movie?

M.C – Finding Nemo is probably one of my all time favourites.

Suddenly a supposed security breach had men in black worriedly talking through their ear pieces blocking off the end of the carpet. I didn’t see anything other than Steve saying hello.

S.A.B – Nice to see you again Steve. Rachel Dratch speaks very highly of you, were those early days of your career doing live improv comedy beneficial to create an animated character like Gru or Hammy in Over the Hedge?

Steve Carell – Well Hi Rachel (he says loudly). You know it kind of does, especially something like this they allowed you to improvise a lot and even if the filmmakers end up using the written word, it still frees you up and lets you fool around.

S.A.B – With a little bit of Australian influence in the sequel, do you think Gru may visit down under in another film?

S.C – Is there… (smiling broadly). I suppose he might…I don’t know exactly what you’re getting at (still smiling then tapping me on the arm)

S.A.B – I better not say too much more.

S.C – (Steve’s smile turns into a laugh) I know what you mean Shane.

S.A.B – How did it feel to physically transform into Gru for your recent Ellen appearance?

S.C – Oh yeah, it was fun. It was something a makeup artist I was working with came up with the design with and we thought Ellen would be the perfect place to do something like that. She is such a good sport. That audience was willing to kind of roll with it.

S.A.B – Is Gru really from Albuquerque (as mentioned on the Ellen show)

S.C – No, he just didn’t want to get into a discussion about where he is actually from. Thank you.

And with that, Steve was whisked away by minders to introduce the film with Miranda to an adoring family friendly audience.

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