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Future Farm: The Vegan, Non-GMO Alternative to Animal Protein

Future Farm: The Vegan, Non-GMO Alternative to Animal Protein

Inspired by a generation of environmental advocates, Future Farm is the international food tech company taking our healthy eating habits to an entirely new level. With plant-based alternatives that possess a level of flavour to make even the most ardent meat lovers (and Mother Nature) proud, Future Farm has officially landed on Aussie shores in more than 700 Coles supermarkets.

Replicating the taste, texture, and tenderness of traditional meat, Future Farm is set to please even the pickiest of palates with their True Texture Technology. Using artificial technology to mimic the composition of real meat, all products are made with an exclusive blend of three plant-based ingredients: soy, pea, and chickpea. Delivering on health first and foremost, Future Farm products also have the lowest sodium on the market with absolutely no nasties.

While more ethical substitutes to animal protein is no new concept, Future Farm has earnt disruptor status for challenging just how clean and green our diets can be. Across the entire range, Future Farm do not use any artificial aromas or colouring ingredients, are non-GMO and gluten free, all with the aim of retailing at a competitive price compared to the plant-based products already lining our shelves. Creating a more sustainable life for people, animals, and our entire ecosystem, Future Farm is championing the new paddock to plate mentality…technology to dinner table.

Most recently, Future Farm are very proud to announce that their much-loved Future Burger has officially been granted carbon neutral status. A plant-based diet has a smaller environmental footprint than a meat-based one, but Future Farm are truly committed to creating the smallest possible carbon impact. From growing the crops, producing the patties, to people who throw out that last bite of burger because you simply can’t squeeze it in, 100% of carbon emissions are completely offset.

“There are a plethora of health benefits to eating more plant foods – from improved gut health to heart health and even mood, and I encourage Australian’s to invest in their personal health by introducing more plant foods into their diet. Future Farm makes it easy for Australians to cut down on their meat consumption with their plant-based burgers, meatballs, and mince,” says Future Farm Nutritionist and Plant-Based Expert, Rebecca Gawthrone.

Each protein rich product promises total transparency too, sharing with consumers their eco-friendly certifications. As a member of The Round Table Responsible Soy, Future Farm supports socially fair, environmentally friendly, and economically viable soy production.

Whether you identify as vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, climatarian, we are all welcome to join Future Farm’s pro earth generation. By the looks of it, we’re already doing so eagerly – a whopping 42% of Australians are switching up their diet to reduce meat intake and dabble in more plant-based products. Closing in on the animal farming industry, Future Farm’s vision is to empower individuals to create a positive impact on the planet simply by considering what we add to our plates for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Try your hand at reinventing the classic cheeseburger, switch up Nonna’s meatballs to create your own secret recipe, and test the versatility of plant-based beef mince next time you’re craving nachos. Not every mouthwatering food moment has to revolve around meat.

Satisfy your cravings without sacrificing the health and wealth of our planet; a taste of the future. Head to to learn more about the power of plant protein, before shopping the Future Farm range at your local Coles today. The Future Burger is also available via select food service partners MisterGee and Happy Endings.

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