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George Clooney’s Haircut

George Clooney’s Haircut

By Richard Glover.

Richard Glover’s deeply skewed stories of everyday life are heard each week on ABC Local Radio’s ‘Thank God It’s Friday’. He creates a world which is both weird and wry — a world in which Henry VIII provides marriage advice, JD Salinger celebrates tap-water and naked French women bring forth a medical miracle. It’s also a world in which shampoo is eschewed, the second-rate is praised and George Clooney’s Haircut can help save a relationship.

Bizarre yet commonplace, funny yet relatable, absurd yet oddly warm-hearted, in Richard Glover’s hands you’ll experience the true strangeness of the life you are living right now.

Richard Glover has written a number of books, including In Bed with Jocasta, The Dag’s Dictionary, Desperate Husbands and Why Men are Necessary. He writes a hilarious weekly column for the Sydney Morning Herald and presents the Drive program on ABC Local Radio.

‘Like an Australian Seinfeld, Richard has the great gift of highlighting the ridiculous nature of human beings, and finding delight in this crazy thing the rest of us call life.’ — Wil Anderson

George Clooney’s Haircut is available now.

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