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Harris Coffee

Harris Coffee

Australia’s coffee culture is booming. We have embraced the dark elixir more wholeheartedly than most countries in the world and Australia has now become renowned for crafting its own premium blends. We like to enjoy quality coffee that has been made in our own backyard for our own distinctive taste.

The global trend of wanting to know where our produce comes from and the process it goes through is rapidly growing in Australia and with more than 5.9 million Aussies waking up with a cup of coffee each day it’s no wonder we take our coffee obsession seriously.

Harris has been roasting and blending coffee beans locally to suit Australian tastes for over 130 years. With great reverence for the bean, Harris takes considered care from bean to cup and the expert Master Roasters and Blenders are part of the process every step of the way. With 3.5 million Aussie coffee drinkers admitting they start the day disgruntled if they don’t get a coffee, the role of Harris’ Master Roaster and Blender has never been more important.

“Australians have become sophisticated coffee drinkers and our deep love of the brewed bean has given us a more discerning taste for what we most enjoy in terms of flavour and the origins of coffee beans. Harris creates unique blends and flavours specifically suited to the Australian palate, we take into consideration the seasonal changes that affect the coffee bean, which means we’re trialling and tasting the beans and blends every day,” said Daniel Vergnano, Harris Master Roaster.

“As a nation we have become known for offering some of the world’s best produce, from olive oil to cheese and wines that are the envy of the world. Gone are the days when drinking Italian coffee was deemed a luxury, now Australia is producing coffee that challenges some of the best blends around the globe,” he said.

All of Harris’ beans are roasted and blended in Australia which drastically enhances everything about the bean including the taste, quality, freshness, shelf-life and flavour dynamic.

Harris Coffee is passionate about and delivering the highest quality to ensure you enjoy the perfect cup of coffee at home every day. The Harris range consists of both ground coffee and fresh beans in six varieties – Espresso, Premium, Black Label, Signature Blend, Reserve Colombian and Decaffeinated. For more information about Harris’ range, visit

Top Tips for Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee At Home

– The best way to keep coffee is in an opaque, airtight container in a dark, cool and dry place – like a pantry. Try and keep it away from moisture – especially wet spoons!

– Don’t refrigerate or freeze your coffee beans because it will affect the coffee’s oils and absorb flavours from other foods

– Always use fresh coffee. It’s better to buy coffee as you need it rather than buy a lot in bulk as the fresher the coffee is, the better it will taste

– Only put the amount of beans you plan to use into the top of the grinder and don’t grind them until just before you’re about to extract the coffee. It’s best to use your new coffee grinds within 10 mins of grinding them

– Plunger coffee should brew for 3 – 4 minutes – leaving it longer will only make it bitter. If you prefer it strong, try adding an extra tablespoon of coffee instead.

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