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We’ve all been there! You’re out with friends, enjoying a few quiet drinks and then a few more wouldn’t hurt. Shots appear and before you know it you’re partying like it’s New Years Eve. There is only one problem, it’s NOT New Years Eve! It is Thursday night and you have to work tomorrow. Do not fear; HeadsUp is here!

Forget the coke and fries on the way home. Bypass the Berocca and the bacon and eggs in the morning. Don’t even think about the bloody mary or hair of the dog. HeadsUp is a new Australian product scientifically formulated to relieve the symptoms of hangover. Before you call BS on this one, give it a try. It’s a game changer!

When your body breaks down alcohol it produces toxins like acetaldehyde, which can be blamed for hangover symptoms like headache, nausea and grogginess. Other ‘hangover products’ on the market mask the symptoms of hangover, whereas HeadsUp helps the body eliminate these hangover toxins.

HeadsUp is made from a special blend of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. It’s best taken after drinking, before your head hits the pillow.

HeadsUp is listed with the TGA (ARTG)(Aust L 214271).

So if you prefer to avoid feeling like you’ve gone bungee jumping without a rope, stock up on HeadsUp today. Single pack $9.95, six packs for $49.75 or, for the expert partygoers, 12 packs for $99.50.

HeadsUp is the premier product of BioRestore Pty Ltd, a proudly Australian company dedicated to providing products that enhance health and wellbeing.

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