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Henrietta’s First Birthday Limited-Edition Dishes

Henrietta’s First Birthday Limited-Edition Dishes

Whilst we were all cooped up in lockdown, the vibrant Surry Hills eatery, Henrietta, was working out how best to celebrate their first birthday, and have since decided to debut a three-week feast flavoured by the Middle East. Having collaborated with a slew of cool chefs and industry friends, Henrietta has unveiled a limited-edition dish each week in November, for all Sydneysiders to indulge in when dining out on Crown Street.

First off the ranks was beloved Tom Sarafian, best known for his Melbourne-based restaurant Sacarens. Presenting a Palestinian twist on the traditional charcoal chicken, ‘Musakhan’ hit the menu in week one…and boy was it a treat! Chicken with caramelised onions, toasted pita, sumac and pine nut butter, served with a side of BBQ cauliflower seasoned in cumin salt and lemon. In order to get a really succulent bird that’s balanced in sweetness and spice, Tom’s recipe marinates the chicken for 24 hours in onion juice and Palestinian olive oil before it hits the coals and envelopes the smokey flavours to finish.

“I absolutely love charcoal chicken, and Musakhan (Palestine’s national dish) is one of my all time favourite styles. A great example of how Arabic cuisine has the ability to turn the flavours up on the humble chook we all know and love,” says Tom Sarafian, Founder of Sacarens. An absolutely scrumptious dish, we can only hope this bad boy ends up on the menu permanently.

For week two (from 22 November), you’ll be able to indulge in a signature dish from Shane Delia, owner of award-winning Middle Eastern restaurant in Melbourne, Maha. Aptly titled the ‘Delia Chicken Special’, Shane has gifted Henrietta the recipe for a harissa and honey rubbed charcoal chicken served with grilled flat beans, toum, zaatar and chips – something to soak up all the juices.

“Growing up I remember my grandfather BBQing his home-grown beans over coal and serving them with toum and a house mix of herbs and spices he used to make. He was always cooking, growing, and sharing his love for family through food. It was the driving force for me to become a chef. This is the food I like to cook at home and when I do I am reminded of him. It’s a pleasure to bring this dish to Sydney for Henrietta’s first Birthday,” says Shane Delia, Founder of Maha.

Last but not least is Henrietta’s collab with Adam Wolfers, Executive Chef at Gerard’s Bistro in Brisbane. Having whipped up a ‘Hawaji Chicken’ which originates from Yemen, this dish available from 29 November, champions a unique blend of spices including turmeric, cloves, and cardamon. Set to be served with Adam’s signature fattoush salad, lemon, toum, and zhug hot sauce, this dish will round out Henrietta’s epic birthday.

“This unique spice blend goes so well with charcoal chicken, an incredibly unique recipe in celebration of Sydney’s best chicken shop turning one,” says Adam Wolfers, Executive Chef at Gerard’s Bistro.

Adding some additional buzz to the birthday hype, when you order any of the above celebrity dishes you can purchase a Henrietta cocktail to accompany, for only $10. Chook lovers can cheers to that! Pick from one of the following signature cocktails to sip on whilst experiencing the festival of chicken: Lychee Cosmo, Watermelon Spritz, Passionfruit Margarita, and Negroni.

“We are always pushing boundaries and creativity here at Henrietta, so we wanted to do something different to celebrate one whole year of the best charcoal chicken in the neighbourhood. Partnering with some of our talented friends in the industry, we wanted to ensure our Middle Eastern heritage remains front and centre, and Tom, Shane, and Adam are the best in the business to help us do so,” says Ibby Moubadder, Co Founder and Director of Henrietta.

Monday 15th – Sunday 21st November
Tom Sarafian’s ‘Musakhan’ ($25): Palestinian charcoal chicken, caramelised onions, sumac and pine nut butter served on a toasted pita with BBQ cauliflower. Tom Sarafian’s Hummus available to purchase to take home for $15.

Monday 22nd – Sunday 28th November
Shane Delia’s ‘Delia Chicken Special’ ($28): Harissa and honey rubbed BBQ chicken with coal grilled flat beans, toum, zaatar and chips.

Monday 29th November – Sunday 5th December
Adam Wolfers’ ‘Hawaij Chicken’ ($28): Hawaij Chicken with fattoush salad and a sumac dressing.

Coming in hot with limited-edition charcoal chicken dishes, you’re going to want to get around this birthday bonanza at Henrietta. Head to to make a reservation today, available for dine in only. 

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