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Mad Mex: Free Burrito Hour

Mad Mex: Free Burrito Hour

In the lead up to their 10th Anniversary celebrations, purveyors of authentic Mexican deliciousness, Mad Mex, are offering the good people of Australia a free taste of their brand new Yucatan Chilli Chicken dish. From 12.00pm until 1.00pm on Tuesday the 29th of August (2017), Aussies will have the chance to wrap their tastebuds around a free bowl of ancient Mayan inspired cuisine, by way of the naked burrito — Mad Mex are promising true authenticity, with a Mad twist.

With original Chef, Rafael at the helm, Mad Mex is promising a Mayan flavour odyssey like no other, with the colour and flavours reflective of the splendour of ancient Yucatan culture. An 8-week promotional item is served as a Burrito or Naked Burrito, as of the 24th August, the dish boasts crunchy purple and green cabbage, yellow roasted corn and, of course, Yucatan Chilli Chicken, marinated in a mix of exotic Mexican chillies.

The South American born Mexican cuisine maestro, Chef Rafael, worked closely with Founder Clovis Young to develop the Mad Mex Yucatan style of chicken. “We both love this region of Mexico, which is famous for both its Mayan history as well as its hot Caribbean chilies and use of bright red annato seeds in creating bold colours and flavours. We are really excited to share it with our customers,” said Chef Rafael.

In-keeping with Mad Mex’ commitment to authentic Baja cuisine, the Yucatan Chilli Chicken is basted with a Mexican adobo of classic chipotle chilli, cayenne pepper and a top secret blend of spices. There are no freezers at Mad Mex, so everything in this dish – from the chicken, all the way down to the smallest of chillies – is delivered and served fresh, just like it is in Mexico.

Simply enter any Mad Mex restaurant between 12.00pm and 1.00pm on the 29th of August for Yucatan hour to embark on a taste-journey to ancient maya. Fiends for all things Mexican cuisine can expect a medium spice hit that will delight the senses.

Founder of Mad Mex, Clovis Young, says that he wants the people of Australia to experience “truly authentic Mexican cuisine” and to make sure that they do, all 68 Mad Mex restaurants will be offering the dish for free.

“Our Yucatan Chilli Chicken is proudly complex in flavour, bold and colourful, a celebration of this beautiful part of Mexico and updated just enough to suit the modern Australian palate,” Clovis explained. “I wanted all of Australia to have the chance to encounter our mad twist on this spectacular dish and so we decided to give it out for free to make sure!”

“Be sure to take note of the crunchy pepita seed and pico de gallo salsa, these additions are as authentic as it gets. In fact, you won’t find a single fast casual restaurant in Australia offering you a taste of the real Mexico like we do,” he concluded.

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