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Mad Mex Has Upgraded Your Burrito Order

Mad Mex Has Upgraded Your Burrito Order

Fancy a premium steak on your next burrito? Well now you can wrap your hands around the delicious new Mexican dish, Carne Asada from Mad Mex for under $15, for a limited time only.

The new menu item will be available in-restaurants nationally and will feature freshly grilled pasture-raised skirt steak, marinated in authentic Mexican herbs and spices, grilled to perfection, then cut into thin strips and added to a famous Mad Mex burrito or bowl.

This launch represents Mad Mex’s ongoing commitment to bringing authentic Mexican street food to Australian customers at an affordable price.

Speaking about the introduction of Carne Asada in restaurants, founder of Mad Mex and Managing Director, Clovis Young, says, “Carne Asada is an essential part of Mexican food culture with big social ‘Carne Asada’ cook ups marking life events.

“It’s your birthday? Carne Asada! Graduation from high school? Carne Asada! Our Carne Asada uses the skirt cut of steak, which is one of the most authentic and favourite cuts and we have a super authentic citrus and spice blend marinade that tastes like it was made at your favourite taco stand! We spent six months developing this product meticulously sourcing the best cuts of lean skirt steak and perfecting the marinade so it’s a truly authentic Mexican experience.

“Carne Asada offers a unique taste experience for our customers at an incredible value. We know times are tough, so being able to enjoy premium steak at a great price is what we are most excited about at Mad Mex,” said Clovis.

Carne Asada is available in all Mad Mex restaurants, on delivery and via the Mad Mex app from Monday 18 March 2024 so be quick – not ordering this for your next meal would be a mis-steak.

The new Carne Asada filling is available for a limited time only.

Mad Mex Has Upgraded Your Burrito Order

Mad Mex is Australia’s leading, fresh & healthy fast, casual Mexican restaurant chain, living by the ethos of inspiring bold, honest and healthy living through Mexican food with attitude. Mad Mex believes that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavour to eat healthily, using authentic Mexican recipes and locally sourced, fresh ingredients. The Mad Mex menu is fully customisable, allowing customers to tailor their meal to match personal and dietary requirements including vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Mad Mex operates 66 restaurants across Australia – with a mix of company owned and franchised locations. The leading Mexican restaurant group is embarking on a significant shift as it bridges the gap between authentic Mexican cuisine and healthy ‘fast food’ staples.ant chain, living by the ethos of inspiring bold, honest and healthy living through Mexican food with attitude.

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