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Mr Scrooge

Mr Scrooge Coming Back

Are you a 90’s child, where playing on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or Gameboy was the best thing you could do as a kid? If so, I wonder how many of you would remember Mr Scrooge McDuck from Duck Tales. Way Forward Technologies will be releasing its remake to Play Station Network, Nintendo and Steam in August; it will be released to Playstation 3 and Xbox Live Arcade in September. It is a way for us oldies to relive the good times, and the new babies to enjoy a quality game.

Allow me to jog your memory, playing as Scrooge, the miserly rich uncle of Donald Duck, you are trying to beat Flint Glomgold to become the world’s richest duck. Onward, collecting treasures in scary dungeons and haunted homes is the surest way to increase your treasury. Along the way you will encounter various Disney characters waiting to give you helpful hints and opening secret passages. While the old popular theme song will still be a feature (it gets stuck in the head easily), the new composer, Jake Kaufman will be adding some tweaks to make the game sound more up to date with the current technology. The game will also have an upgrade, with the 2D characters made to look like 3D, called 2.5D. Alan Young will still be the voice of Scrooge McDuck while Mike Peraza will be the consultant to retain its original feel of the remake. I can’t wait.

Ailyn Koay

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