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One Chance

One Chance

Starring: James Corden, Colm Meaney, Julie Walters, Jemima Rooper, Alexandra Roach (Rated M).

Perfect for all ages, this heart-warming inspirational rags to riches story of Paul Potts will leave you on a high long after the final credits roll.

Incredibly shy mobile phone sales assistant by day, amateur opera performer by night, Paul Potts took a leap of faith entering himself into the first series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2007…and won. Holding back the tears may an issue during the scene recreated for the film, his rendition of Aria Nessun Dorma has 125 million-plus youtube hits, a lovely moment which had the studio audience and judges sobbing in awe, including captain grumpy Simon Cowell.

Unfortunately if you look closely, it’s glaringly clear that he is miming the songs. However, James Corden is suitable, trotting through the film as the sweet natured gentleman, who constantly puts others first while forever dreaming of being a soprano like his idol Pavarotti. His disapproving grouch of a father Roland (Colm Meaney) doesn’t understand the passion insisting his son works at the mining yard then go drinking pints with the ‘boys’.

A stroke of luck has him accepted into an elite Italian opera school established in Venice by Pavarotti himself. Things don’t go exactly as planned and Potts returns to the family home in Wales. A nice romance develops with Julie, a beautiful match, ever the optimist, she brings him out of his shell and they end up married.

Moving forward medical issues arise and unemployment beckons, things look grim financially and personally but a certain star search talent show will change all that. The truth is obviously elaborated in order for cheesy entertainment but who cares, it’s a wonderful story and better than average movie.

One of the matrons of British cinema Julie Waters (Personal Services, Car Trouble) brings her irresistible Educating Rita charm to the role of Yvonne Potts, her support for her awkward son is touching. Alexandra Roach lights up the screen as Julie, outspoken and giggly, sometimes at the same time, she loves Paul with all her heart wanting nothing more than to see his dreams come true. Of course we all know what happens next, this film captures the emotions in all its high pitch glass shattering harmony.

Shane A. Bassett

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