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Retro Cricket

Retro Cricket

From Bradman’s Invincibles to Clive Lloyd’s Calypso Kings.
By Ian Collis.

Retro Cricket is a celebration of the game after World War II to the end of the 1970s…the great series, the very best players, the personal milestones, the controversies and the amazing crowd-filled ovals. With over 450 of the best new and rarely seen cricket photos, this is a book for all generations to be enjoyed by and any who love the game, no matter what age.

Take a stroll through cricket’s sporting history, and enjoy the retro years of cricket before the game was changed forever. Through years of searching and building networks with collectors, Author Ian Collis has located many gems that collectively present a spectacularly unique chronological story of cricket and cricketers through the golden era of cricket that ran from the late 1940s to 1970s.

Retro Cricket is presented in four main chapters devoted to each decade of the retro years, with each section showcasing the leading players and matches of that decade. With a profound understanding of the game stemming from his childhood, and currently heeding a fulltime career as head of statistics at Fox Sports, Collis methodically retraces the ebbs and flows of the game throughout the years and provides an insight into his incredible perspective.


As both a passionate sports lover and historian, Ian Collis has always searched for stories and images from our past, be it our way of life, our culture or our pastimes. Collis has been embarking on that search for over 30 years to date, forever looking for that one ‘shot’ that captured a unique sporting moment, historical event or cultural milestone.

Retro Cricket is available now.

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