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The Big Sick

The Big Sick: Movie Review

Starring: Holly Hunter, Ray Romano, Zoe Kazan, Kumail Nanjiani, David Alan Grier, Zenobia Schroff (Rated M – 121 min).

Although technically a joyous chick-flick, beginning with the unconventional title, this is definitely not your average cliched comedy romance.

Unusual, refreshing modern love story of cultural differences finding humour in a rather terrible situation, a variety of realistic circumstances and turning around family ideals for conditions of the heart while managing to avoid slipping into deep sentimentality.

Rising stand-up comedian and Uber driver on the side, Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani) has unexpectedly found true love with Emily (Zoe Kazan). However he is skirting around telling his ultra conservative Pakistani parents about his love life.

Eventually pressure to conform within his religious family takes its toll on Kumail when the charade is revealed, just not before outrageous situations that have to be seen to be believed. Viewers prepare to be emotional in between nervous laughs following the complexities of immediate relatives and the ties that bind.

Masterfully detailed intricacies splash out across the delightful script written by Emily V. Gordon. She has engulfed natural human instincts within unexpected moments while remaining clear, inspired and engaging to every single character.

Since writing and directing Ruby Sparks (2012), young Zoe Kazan is a must-see in anything she appears in. She can do no wrong and is a ray of sunshine here as Emily. Strong and willing to stand by her man, her emphasis may shift when adapting to circumstance, her love never dies.

Demanding instant attention whenever on screen, Academy Award winner Holly Hunter (The Piano, Broadcast News) is still the firecracker Hollywood star and alongside delightful Ray Romano as Emily’s parents, they balance out an alternative, game ensemble all positively committed to this wonderful story.

In a time when the majority of cinematic releases are sequels, prequels or remakes, along comes The Big Sick: raw, tough and extremely hilarious. Truly one of a kind.

Shane A. Bassett

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