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The Main Types of Travellers

The Main Types of Travellers


Most people go to a resort destination for a holiday and enjoy the comforts of home while staying at a hotel that has all the necessary facilities that allow them to access medical services and where they can gamble at National Casino.

People who travel are often placed within easy reach of a hospital or doctor, which is a much better option than having to resort to self-medication for illnesses. A medical kit is great value for travellers in case they need to treat minor ailments. Diarrhea and stomach upsets are very common when travelling. Food and water contamination as well as alcohol and spices are the main causes of illness and stomach upsets, especially in developing countries. Care should be taken when eating out and in places with poor hygiene.

Business Travellers

Business travellers mainly go to cities instead of resorts. Getting too tired and having jet lag can affect their work efficiency so it is really crucial to rest before and after travelling, and people who frequently travel should consider getting vaccinations before preparing to make long trips so as not to be infected. Drinking and eating food that is contaminated are major causes of illness among business travellers so travellers need to stay in high-class hotels.

Backpackers and Adventure Travellers

This group incorporates people who travel on their own or in small groups, such as hikers, climbers, and canoeists. On these types of trips, the participants often stay in cheap accommodations and travel on foot or public transportation which exposes them to diverse health hazards, and it is this group that most likely benefits from carrying their own medical kit. Before travelling, it is important that vaccinations are arranged with the doctor or nurse. They should be given at least six weeks before the trip. To minimize mosquito bites, people should wear appropriate clothing and use repellents.

Expedition Members

An expedition is a type of holiday that’s similar to adventure travel. It usually lasts for a long time and involves travelling to remote locations and requires a certain amount of fitness and skill. Expeditions are more likely to expose you to diseases than other travels due to the length of stay and location. You will most probably be travelling to remote regions where there is no medical assistance so getting you a medical kit and surgical equipment is vital. It is your responsibility to ensure that the medical supplies that you bring with you are ready to use during your expedition.

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