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These 5 Classic Black and White Movies Are Absolutely Worth Seeing

These 5 Classic Black and White Movies Are Absolutely Worth Seeing

Black and white movies are considered irrelevant because modern technology allows you to shoot incredibly spectacular and bright colour films. But some black-and-white movies still hold up, and we’ve made a list of 5 of them.

“Citizen Kane”, 1941

The list of the best black-and-white movies just has to include this one. In his own expensive and luxurious estate, Charles Foster Kane (a mind-bogglingly rich newspaper businessman) suddenly dies and upon his death, manages to utter only a single word: “Rosebud”. The sudden death of Kane causes a real resonance in society, and several journalists decide to find out who Charles is. He lived a rather long life, filled with falls and ups, in which there were many secrets. But the most important secret is connected to the mysterious word “Rosebud”. An iconic thrilling black and white movie for all those who like solving puzzles and enjoy lucky 88 games.

“The Third Man”, 1949

The main character of this picture, Holly Martins, writes novels and in search of work comes to Vienna post-war time. The writer, hoping for a good position, is invited by an old comrade Harry Lime. But suddenly, due to an accident, he is killed. Local policeman Major Calloway believes that Lime did not quite have the right life, engaged in racketeering and speculation, was not a law-abiding citizen, and had a very dark personality. Martins, a friend of the deceased, is sure that his friend was a good man and certainly did not commit the bad deeds attributed to him. He begins his investigation to not only prove Lime’s innocence and save his honour but also to find the man who, according to Holly, killed his friend, is still at large and is somewhere very close by.

“White Nights” (Italian: “Le notti bianche”), 1957 

The protagonist of this movie Mario is a young Italian who encounters a Russian beauty, Natalia, and falls in love with her at first sight. Natasha’s grandmother can’t see well and deals with the maintenance of furnished rooms, and she keeps a strict and tireless eye on her granddaughter. Mario is very upset when he learns that his beloved is engaged to one of her grandmother’s boarding house guests, a middle-aged man. But Natasha’s fiancé suddenly leaves her. Mario decides to take advantage of the absence of his rival and try to win the heart of the Russian beauty. He opens up a new world to her, and Natasha is faced with a dilemma: the promise given to the groom or new feelings suddenly flare up.

“Rashomon”, 1950

This is one of the coolest and most interesting black-and-white movies with an incredibly exciting plot. The events unfold in ancient times in Japan. In a forest thicket, a woman is raped and her husband is murdered. There are four witnesses to these horrific incidents, but amazingly: everyone has a different point of view, and the opinions of the eyewitnesses are divided. And how to find the truth, if any of the four versions seems very true and may well be real?

“Live Her Life: A Film in Twelve Scenes” (Italian: “Vivre sa vie”), 1962

This black-and-white movie was directed by the iconic filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, one of the founders of the “new wave” in French cinematography. He showed the audience a seemingly simple and so vital, but incredibly exciting story of an ordinary provincial girl who decided to conquer the romantic capital of France. The girl came to Paris inspired by the desire to stay in this city and take her place here, but, as it usually happens, she found herself on the margins. The picture is divided into twelve separate connected parts, the events which unfold in a record store, on the Parisian streets, in a café, and even in a police station.

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