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Travelling With Children in 2022: How to Keep Them Occupied on the Plane

Travelling With Children in 2022: How to Keep Them Occupied on the Plane

Some parents think that a vacation with a baby will be the same as before the baby was born. But it isn’t. The usual routine will have to say goodbye. No longer can you spontaneously take off somewhere else, swim when you want, gamble at Woo Casino as long as you need, lie on the beach to the exhaustion. And most importantly – first you have to fly! The baby is sure to get tired of running around the airport, the many people around, the unusual surroundings and strange noises on the plane.

Do You Want the Flight to Go Smoothly?

Then you need to prepare. By the way, if you still have doubts about whether to take a child on board or not, we have collected some of the pros of travelling with children:

– You’ll be let through everywhere without waiting in line.

– The attention of the flight attendants will prioritize you.

– Tickets for a child from 2 to 12 years old are heavily discounted.

– You can always ask for extra juice or water – ostensibly for the baby.

7 Tips From the Experts on How to Prepare for a Flight

Let your little traveler pack their own backpack and carry it aboard the aircraft. They’ll love being on their own! Another plus: less lugging for parents.

– Tell your child the rules of conduct on the flight. To avoid misunderstandings, let them know that it is not necessary to jump out of the seat. Also, running around the cabin unaccompanied is dangerous, and disturbing the passengers is impolite. And most importantly – no kicking the front seat!

– Some parents try to tire their infant as much as possible before the flight, so that they’re not active in the passenger seat. This isn’t the best way. It’s better to let the child sleep and feed them the usual food before the flight.

– Bring a mini first aid kit with basic medications and adhesive tape just in case.

– The necessary items for the child are better placed in a separate bag and kept within easy reach.

– Go to the airport with a temporary supply. The check-in and screening process for the whole family may require more time. But they will surely let you in without a line at the boarding gate!

– At the airport, you can use the mother and baby room and the playground in the departure lounge for free.

10 Ways to Entertain Your Baby on the Plane

Favorite toy. Who better to share the journey than a good friend! You can feed, water and rock them. Just don’t forget to wash their toys after the flight.

– Drawing kit: notebooks, felt-tip pens, pencils. They develop fine motor skills and imagination. It’s better to take a notebook instead of a sketchbook – it takes up less space. Be vigilant, because the little artist can pay attention not only to the notebook, but also to the neighboring chairs.

– Colouring books that will keep your child occupied for a while. Albums with stickers are also great.

– Books. This can be a favorite book with which it’s best to fall asleep, or a new and exciting story. Another option is a children’s book about airplanes or the place you’re headed to. Myths of Ancient Greece go down well with some young readers!

– Developmental books. Albums with tasks and logic games are great to pass the time on the flight and learn something new at the same time.

– Small figurines for finger games. They’re practically weightless, but a performance on board is sure to please your child!

– Light snacks. We must take them, even if we plan to sit in a cafe before the flight. No liquid or dry will do. Snacks, cookies, croutons, dried fruit, healthy sweets. For the sake of peace of mind, you can even allow yourself to eat something unhealthy like chocolate bars, jelly beans or chips once. Let there be good memories from the flight!

– Cartoons and games in gadgets. This is for emergencies. No need to teach your baby to stick to the screen, but if the situation is critical, you can make concessions!

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