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5 Awesome Hacks To Upgrade Your Streaming Experience

5 Awesome Hacks To Upgrade Your Streaming Experience

The Finder’s Consumer Sentiment Tracker data showed that 88 per cent of Aussies use at least one streaming service. With lockdowns keeping us in our homes, streaming services have become actual rays of light in our dull everyday lives. For that reason, we came up with a few suggestions on making your watching experience even better.

1. Use ‘Continue to Watch’ section to your advantage

Those who like to unwind by watching their favourite shows – but tend to snooze as soon as their head hits the pillow – know their ‘Continue to Watch’ section well. However, there are other ways of using this feature. If you want to create a list for a movie marathon, or you just stumbled upon a great show you don’t have time to watch right now, click on it, and exit – it’ll stay saved in your ‘Continue to Watch’ section, and you can get back to it when you find the time.

2. Start using a VPN

We know that in some countries, streaming services offer better content catalogues than in others. For example, American streaming services are well-known to have some of the best content available. Thus, consider using a VPN if you want to browse through more content or watch your favourite show that’s been cancelled in your country. This way, a Virtual Private Network can swap your IP address for a virtual one corresponding to an IP address in a country you choose. Let’s say you want to access American Netflix – simply connect to a USA VPN server location and browse freely.


3. Embrace browser extensions

The pandemic has kept us away from our loved ones, but there are a few tricks you can use to stay in touch and keep your regular mutual activities going. Extensions like Teleparty, Scener, or My Disney Pal allow you to watch shows and movies remotely with your friends. This way, you can organise movie nights where all of your friends can join in a shared stream to comment and laugh like you usually would. Moreover, if some of your friends don’t have HBO or Netflix, they can still enjoy quality content since only the person who’s streaming has to have access to a streaming service. Besides watching shows and movies with your friends, browser extensions can enhance your streaming experience in various other ways. Take a look through your browser add-on library and check out other extensions like HBO Enhances or Netflix Extended that’ll allow you to use your streaming service to its full potential.

4. Access additional channels on Amazon Prime

If you’ve been hooked on Amazon Prime’s many perks, there’s more to enjoy. Prime Video has an option to add a variety of channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and more, according to your preferences. Even though there are some free channels, most of them have an additional fee you’ll have to pay on top of your Prime subscription. For example, the subscription for HBO on Amazon Prime is not going to be any cheaper than getting the regular HBO subscription, but Prime Video is an excellent option for those who want all of their channels in one place. Besides, most channels have a 7-day free trial to check on their content before you decide to commit.

5. Browse hidden categories

If you’re thinking of watching The Office for the sixth time, it’s time to seek something new. Every streaming service has hidden gems that somehow always slip under our radar, and we’re mainly used to watching all the same shows and movies. Give yourself a little bit of time and try something new and unexpected – it may surprise you.

Regardless of the current situation, it’s essential to keep your spirits high and look for something positive each day. Streaming services are here to help, therefore hop on a binge-watching train and enjoy!

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