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5 Bali Activities To Feed The Soul

Bali Activities To Feed The Soul

By Tyler Tolman.

It’s Bali’s combination of warm weather, friendly locals, natural beauty and affordability that has seen the Indonesian province become a favoured holiday destination and a second spiritual home to many Australians.

Tyler Tolman, co-founder of Conscious Lifestyler, is a holistic health expert who runs in-demand detox and fasting retreats in Bali. Tyler shares his top five Bali activities to feed the soul.

1. Watch the sun rise

The word soul comes from the word ‘solar’ – which is ‘looking at the sun’. First thing in the morning the sun is in an infrared state. This light activates our pineal gland, which was anciently referred to as the ‘seat of the soul’ or the ‘third eye’. So by watching the sun rise for the first five minutes of daylight we are literally nourishing our soul and switching on our intuition. It also helps reset our internal clock which is useful for people who have a tough time sleeping. But what about eye damage you ask? Don’t worry, no UV light exists within the first five mins of a sunrise or sunset.

2. Bathe in the healing waters of Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul is Bali’s most sacred spring. Fresh, clean, drinking water comes out of mountain and into the spring. The water comes out at different places, representing the seven endocrine glands, known also as the seven chakras. So by going through the different pools, you’re cleansing different parts of your spiritual body and your physical body. After going through this process you feel absolutely amazing!

3. Have a reading with Paula Shaw

Paula is an incredibly intuitive guide, or “psychic” who will blow your mind and help you reconnect with your magnificence. She can give you guidance if you feel like you’re off-track in life or if you need some guidance with what’s coming up next. Paula has the ability to tune in very deeply and connect with you on a soul level.

4. Watch the sun set from Tanah Lot

Make your way to the west side of Bali for the best sunsets on the planet! As with watching the sun rise, watching the sun set for the last five minutes of light is incredibly good for people who have difficulty sleeping. As it helps reset the body clock and lets us know it’s time for rest. Apart from the health benefits, a sunset is an absolutely magical sight to behold with your loved ones or own your own.

5. Hike Mt Batur

Mt Batur is an active volcano which is sacred according to Hindu believe. You begin the hike when it’s dark so you can make it to the top by sunrise. It’s not an easy journey, but well worth it for the incredible views from the crater rim. Many people find hiking, or walking, a good soul-feeding activity as it helps you escape your mind and simply focus on putting one foot in front of the other up that mountain!

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