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6 Top Tourist Attractions in Perth

6 Top Tourist Attractions in Perth

Perth, the capital and largest city of Western Australia, is well recognised for its abundant natural beauty and offers much more than your typical city. It’s the perfect place to unwind while reconnecting with pristine, breathtaking surroundings, including a bright pink lake, national parks, horizontal waterfalls, and more.

This adaptable city provides any kind of adventure you can think of, whether you’re travelling with family and friends or on your own. Perth’s modern city centre offers a stunning contrast to the nearby sandy beaches, so it’s not just natural beauty. Here are a few things we’ve selected for your next vacation to Perth.

1. The Beaches

Perth, the city with the most sunshine in Australia, also has 19 beaches within easy driving distance. Each has unique qualities that make it stand out and feature astonishingly clear white waters.

The most well-known is Cottesloe Beach, a well-liked picnic and swimming area backed by Norfolk pines, a grassy hillside, and an absurdly lovely pavilion. Here, you can spend the whole day swimming, snorkeling, or surfing before going out to a restaurant to watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean while sipping on your favorite cocktail.

Leighton Beach, a longer, less crowded beach that attracts kite surfers and dog owners, is located just south of Cottesloe, and inhabitants of the offshore platform reef include fish, starfish, octopuses, sea fans, and grasses.

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2. An Outback Road Trip!

The Great Victoria Desert of Australia, also referred to as the Australian Outback, is definitely nothing to snicker at. The thorny devil and the large-fruited mallee are only two examples of the amazing species that abound in this magnificent region.

Adventuresome travellers can take the scenic route and make the epic journey from Perth to Kalgoorlie along the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail. Roadtrippers taking this self-drive route can stop by Cunderlin or be amazed by the Karalee along the way.

3. Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park

If you’re a fan of wildlife, you’ll be glad to see Australian favorites like kangaroos, wombats, and koalas in Perth.

Right in the city, kangaroos can be seen in a more natural setting at Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park. Although some might find it macabre to visit a cemetery to look for roos, given that it is truly one, the park is actually well-liked by runners and individuals seeking a moment of peace. It’s the ideal location for a picnic with some kangaroos, and you’ll also find other picnickers there.

Additionally, because it is totally free, it is the least expensive option to have a close-up look at Australia’s most famous mammal. You can use public transit to get there. Just take the Joondalup Railway Line toward Clarkson and get out at Whitfords.

4. Indigenous History

The Swan River holds special significance for the Noongar people, who are considered the original inhabitants of Perth. They have a lot of legends about the Wagyl, a water serpent thought to be in charge of constructing and maintaining Perth’s river and the majority of its water features. In order to create the river, Wagyl is claimed to have entered the earth close to Kings Park and exited at the base of Mt. Eliza.

A fantastic place to begin learning about the city’s history is the Kings Park Indigenous Heritage Tour. Your tour guide will narrate the Noongar people’s creation myth and discuss the cultural, nutritional, and therapeutic benefits of the local flora, fauna, and landmarks. The Derbal Yerrigan Cruise, a two-hour sailing excursion along the Swan River, is offered by Indigenous Experiences Australia and explores the old Whadjuk culture.

5. Food Scene

Perth’s restaurant and produce market scenes are growing, which you should definitely check out on a warm afternoon. This vibrant food scene is not surprising given that the coast is right outside its door and the city has a Mediterranean-style climate ideal for growing a wide variety of vibrant produce.

In fact, Perth boasts more restaurants per person than any of the other Australian capitals combined with a plethora of European-inspired bars and restaurants that draw in chefs, baristas, and mixologists.

6. Skydiving at Rottnest Island

For anyone with an appetite for an adrenaline-fuelled thrill, Rottnest Island offers a thrilling skydiving experience. While the Wadjemup Lighthouse offers a beautiful 360-degree perspective of the island, nothing compares to the stunning views you get while “flying” over the island, its beaches, and bays in all their splendor.

You wouldn’t believe the range of health advantages of skydiving, which, when combined with the tranquility of Rottnest Island, can be the perfect stress reliever. Additionally, it gives you a tremendous confidence boost, aids in overcoming any heights-related phobias you may have, and provides a whole new perspective.

Skydiving over the island will get all your senses going and make for a memorable trip, whether you’ve already experienced skydiving or are seeking a new and exciting activity.


Perth is one of the most isolated big cities in the world but a perfect destination if you’re itching to explore more and experience a new way of life. So, go to Perth and see for yourself; you’ll definitely not want to leave.

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