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Are Kids Helmets Necessary?

Are Kids Helmets Necessary?

Putting an End to the Debate + Useful Tips.

Parents are often faced with the dilemma of whether or not to buy their child a helmet for their scooter rides. They are usually unsure if helmets are even necessary for such fun rides. Some parents are even concerned that helmets may hamper the fun of their kids as they ride the scooter.

The truth is, helmets are absolutely important while riding, irrespective of age. This article explores the reasons for the same and tips to find the right one for your little champ.

Importance of Wearing Scooter Helmet

Children of all ages are prone to injuries. Wearing a helmet can reduce the chances of a head injury by a great deal. While buying the helmet, make sure it has safety stickers from Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC). Helmets bearing this sticker ensure complete protection against injury.

Helmets that are manufactured after March 1999 must meet the requirements of the CPSC standard. Labels like Snell, ANSI, and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) comply with voluntary safety standards.

Encourage Your Children to Wear A Helmet

Here are a few tips to encourage children to wear helmets while driving their scooters:

– Start at an early age, as it will be easier for your child to wear their helmets when they begin wearing them early.

– Involve your kids when buying helmets for them. Shop protective gear from trusted websites like Scooter Hut. It will encourage them, and they are more likely to wear helmets. Make sure to choose well-fitted helmets to ensure safety.

– Try to present a positive example for your kids by wearing a helmet yourself while riding. It will encourage your children to wear helmets.

Prefer Quality Over Price

It is a no-brainer that a helmet with a low price may not provide the same protection as a high-end helmet. Moreover, the variety of graphic designs, more vents, and better fitting are just a few factors that set helmets apart. As parents, you should be concerned about the helmet’s quality rather than the cost.

Tips to Choose the Best Helmet for Your Child

Here are some tips you should look out for for the correct fit of the helmet for your child:

– Find an appropriate helmet that is comfortable and safe to wear. After the child buckles the chin strap, the helmet must be a snug fit. The straps on the helmet must be aligned and create the Y shape at the bottom of your child’s earlobe.

– After securing the helmet, make sure the child can hear and see clearly.

– The helmet should be comfortable even when moving it upwards and downwards or side-to-side.

– Your child shouldn’t wear a baseball hat or any other item underneath the helmet.

– Make sure the helmet is in a straight line on the child’s head and must not be tilted to the side. The headgear should rest flat on the child’s forehead.

– Make sure the helmet’s lower edge is two fingers wide above your child’s eyebrow.

– Don’t buy or use a damaged, loose fit, or cracked helmet.

– Avoid buying a helmet that was involved in a collision.

– Another method of ensuring the proper fit of the helmet is to check if the child can discern the edges of the helmet while looking up.

– The helmet must be approved through CPSC, Snell, ASTM.

– Replace the helmet every five years.

– Avoid using second-hand helmets as it is challenging to determine if they have suffered any damage or been involved in a crash.


Helmets are the best way to prevent injuries while riding scooters. Ask your kids to use a helmet for a happy summer, regardless of age or travel distance. Sporting a properly fitted helmet will ensure enjoying the scooter ride safely.

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