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Round 3 coming up! Australian Supercross Championship 2022

Round 3 coming up! Australian Supercross Championship 2022

The heat is on as momentum picks up for round 3 of the competition! This time, it’s in New South Wales.

Mearth, the Australian brand of well-loved premium electric scooters is in full support of Team BOLT Everywear as it forges ahead, prepping up for round 3 of the Supercross Championship.

All Mearth’s top-performing electric scooters and accessories will be on display at the venue for the public to go, see and experience first hand the awesome features of Mearth electric scooters.

Hit the date: November 26, 2022

McDonald Jones Stadium in Newcastle, South Wales

The 2022 Supercross Championship is a huge moment for Australian supercross athletes and teams, as the global spotlight will fix upon the AUSX series, placing their names and talent on the world map. The return of supercross to Australian venues has been long awaited and it’s great to see that there are a number of excellent venues and locations included

Ride high, ride hard! The audience are just going to love every minute of the heart-stopping race – from start to finish! Get a ringside seat into the intense wrangling to the end, and non-stop display of epic, and watch the freestyle stunts of BOLT as it springs into action.

The opportunity for BOLT to compete against some of the world’s best Supercross riders like Ken Roczen, Dean Wilson, Max Anstle, and more is something worth watching and anticipating!

Time to gather your boots, parkas, hoodies and all, and step right up! Grab your tickets now for a piece of the adrenalin-pumping ride maneuver overload at the 2022 Australian Supercross event. Sign in early to get a front row seat of the most exciting, action-packed, adrenalin-pumping, highly competitive event this season. Get ready to be bowled over in this supercharged experience as BOLD shows and wows everyone with its motions and maneuvers. Don’t miss the heart-thumping action —  MEARTH is all-out for BOLT, in a race to the end on Nov.26, 2022 at the McDonald Jones Stadium in Newcastle, South Wales.

Have a great time watching real-time, on-site round 3, and the dynamic partnership of two renowned brands.

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