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More Talk or Withdrawal Into Yourself: What's Better to Reduce Stress

More Talk or Withdrawal Into Yourself: What’s Better to Reduce Stress

Communicating with others is important to everyone. This is how we not only pass on information but also learn, exchange opinions, thoughts, emotions, feelings, receive and give support. The need to communicate is different for everyone and can change in situations of stress. Some people need more interaction with others during difficult times. Some, on the contrary, close themselves off, withdraw into themselves, and prefer playing at TonyBet alone.

How do you know if stress has affected the quality of communication? Here are the criteria that this area in your life has changed, and it’s necessary to take action.

Being Alone Is Hard

It has become difficult for you to be alone. The need for communication has increased. Increased social activity is a frequent strategy that people use to cope with stress. Consider the interests of other participants and not break their psychological boundaries.

Being Withdrawn 

You have become withdrawn. You don’t find the strength to communicate with close and pleasant people. This strategy of adaptation to stress is connected to the economy of resources. You try to spend less emotional energy – you save it.


When You Want to Communicate More

If, when you are alone, you feel fear, anxiety, or severe emotional discomfort, try to learn self-regulation skills. This is a good way to quickly improve your condition on your own.

If there is a lack of communication, use other resources to improve your well-being, for example:

– Taking care of your physical condition (quality sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet).

– Caring for emotional comfort (self-regulation skills, the ability to cope with negative emotions).

– Availability of interests and hobbies.

All of these strategies can and should be applied simultaneously. The richer their repertoire, the easier it will be to cope with difficulties.

When You Don’t Want to Communicate

In difficult situations, one strategy of saving resources may not be enough. Strengths need to be restored, replenished and accumulated.

By learning how to do this, you can cope with stress more effectively, and thus more quickly regain both your usual quality of life and your former style of communication.

What Will Be the Result if You Do It Right

You will have relationships with people from different groups: family, friends, colleagues, buddies of interest. In these circles, you will be able to fulfill several social roles.

You will communicate ecologically: you will be able to give and receive emotional support, express your feelings and understand the feelings of another, and resolve conflict situations constructively.

You will be able to build, maintain, and complete relationships with people.

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