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Nioxin DiaBoost

Nioxin DiaBoost

An astounding four out of five Australian women aged 18-49 believe that having thinning hair will negatively impact their career. And given that 50% of salon clients – regardless of gender –suffer thinning hair at some point in their lifetime*1, this is a serious issue.

One of the main concerns is that people will treat them differently – which is a logical fear, considering nearly half (45%) the population forms negative opinions about those with thinning hair in the workplace.

The NIOXIN Career Study has found that, of the 80% of women who are anxious about the issue, the top concerns are that it would:

– make them less likely to apply for jobs where their appearance is judged (51%)

– impact the way people treat them (47%)
– make them look less professional (40%)
– affect their chance in interviews (30%)
– make them less likely to apply for jobs that require a youthful attitude (28%)
– affect their chance of promotion (11%).

While hair thinning is traditionally more strongly associated with males, it is actually an issue that affects 50% of people – male and female . However, it is a more self-conscious issue for females, with practically all (96%) women surveyed saying they would feel less confident in the workplace if they had thinning hair and bald patches – compared to three quarters (71%) of men.

The pressure to look good at work is definitely heightened for women, with three quarters

(75%) saying feeling confident about their appearance would make them more likely to take initiatives such as:

– speaking up in meetings (64%)
– raising ideas with managers (49%)
– and asking for promotions (28%).

Nearly all agree that hair is a key driver of confidence, with a whopping 93% saying they feel it’s important to have healthy, good looking hair at work. What is worrying is that their fears are valid. Almost half (45%) of all those surveyed have negative opinions of people with thinning hair. The top perceptions are:

– that it makes people look less presentable (23%)
– and that they should do something to improve their hair problem (22%)

“Sure, your ability to do the job should be all that matters but the reality is that during a first job interview, employers will form an impression of you in a matter of seconds and your physical presentation style and overall confidence are both crucial to making a positive first impression” says career coach and journalist, Kate Southam.

“In fact, projecting a professional style and confident manner will continue to play a big role in how you are perceived throughout your career. You want to project that you are a person capable of bigger things – underpinned by your work performance. Judging from the research, personal presentation is clearly an issue felt more strongly by females of all ages than by men.

“Unfortunately ageism is also a fact of life in the Australian workforce and rightly or wrongly employers look for energy and vitality. Older workers can have this in spades but they have to be able to project this image to employers. Being well presented is all part of the career success package. Traditionally presentation means dressing professionally and appropriately but as the research shows it also includes healthy looking hair.”

The majority (86%) of those surveyed think that having healthy, good looking hair is important in the workplace – and over four out of five people would be interested in a new haircare product to combat the effects of thinning hair. Over half (58%), and nearly three quarters (70%) of women, said they would use a product that could instantly give their hair a boost if they noticed they had thinning hair before an important appointment, meeting or social engagement.

David Dias, ANZ Country Leader of NIOXIN, says, “Thinning hair is a prevalent issue that affects 50% of salon clients, regardless of gender. The issue for women is less widely known and talked about, but as we can see from the survey results, it’s a huge source of concern.

“For 25 years, NIOXIN’s 3 part system has been at the forefront of treating the symptoms of thinning hair, and continues to provide confidence to our loyal users, with 70% of users seeing thicker, denser looking hair in just 4 weeks*2. We’re proud to launch a Money

Back Guarantee on our System Kits this July – we invite new users to take the 30 Day Challenge! And for those needing an immediate visible hair boost, our exciting new breakthrough development, DiaBoost gives the look of 11,000 more hairs*3 in an instant.”

NIOXIN provides a range of hair products, designed to help deliver thicker, denser looking hair by treating the scalp environment as well as the hair. In addition to Nioxon’s original 3 part system, DiaBoost offers a daily leave-in treatment, scientifically designed and tested to increase the diameter of each existing hair strand – providing visibly thicker looking hair after the first use.

Nioxin DiaBoost is available now (RRP $59).

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