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Top 10 Sydney Takeaway Meals

Top 10 Sydney Takeaway Meals

Goat Masala

The gamey flavour of goat meat means it can handle a big hit of aromatic Indian flavour. Here it’s matched with generous scatterings of spices, herbs and vegetables and cooked on the bone for maximum tenderness.

Order it from: Maya Da Dhaba, Surry Hills

Lamb Navarin

If you’re craving stew but short on time, this’ll save you hours of hungry pot-watching. This rich dish brings together juicy, melting lamb with the subtle sweetness of turnips for a hearty, wholesome and warming meal.

Order it from: Essen, Ultimo

Yum Pla Muek

This spicy, sour squid salad highlights everything that’s good about Thai cooking: colour, texture, heat, acidity and freshness. The mild squid acts as a tender base for the bold flavours of the chili and lime dressing.

Order it from: Big Boy Thai, Darlinghurst


The Germans know comfort food. Kassler refers to pork chops that are boiled, smoked and grilled to impart a sweet, smoky flavour. Naturally, the dish is accompanied by mounds of traditional sauerkraut and potato with gravy to drown the whole lot.

Order it from: Double Bay Schnitzel House, Double Bay

Turkish Sausage (Socuklu) Pide

The pide is excellent – but it’s really just an excuse to eat a whole bunch of Turkish beef sausage. The meat is salty, dry and lightly spicy and arrives basking in a delicious tangle of eggs, cheese, spinach and spices.

Order it from: Golden Pide, Surry Hills

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab With Salty Duck Egg Yolk

Soft shell crab has it all. The limbs become brittle and crusted with batter and the soft crunch of the body reveals the generous, sweet meat within. The duck egg bathes everything in a rich and savoury golden glow.

Order it from: Wai Fo Sung, Darlinghurst

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is in its heyday at the moment, and for good reason. The slow-cooked meat is juicy, tender and happily cooperates with any flavours you throw at it. Add some coleslaw and wedges with sour cream and you’re set.

Order it from: BBQ Smoken Ribs, Crows Nest

Eight Treasure Bean Curd

Exactly which ingredients comprise the “eight” might rotate a little, but this dish is always a treasure. The bean curd takes centre stage, absorbing all the flavours of the hotpot: a hidden wealth of pork, seafood, vegetables and spice and sauce.

Order it from: Jason’s Kitchen, Cammeray


The name of this dish translates to “put everything in a pot” and that pretty much sums it up. The rich, savoury broth is packed with soft, filling udon noodles and a colourful variety of vegetables and fresh seafood.

Order it from: Sushi OH-OO, Five Dock

Kebbeh Nayeh

Don’t let the thought of raw meat frighten you. Served with fresh vegetables and olive oil, this minced lamb dish is light, flavoursome and refreshing. Absorb all the flavours and juices with some good Turkish bread.

Order it from: Skara Bar and Restaurant, Randwick

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