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Top Tips For Spending New Year's Eve In Sydney Harbour

Top Tips For Spending New Year’s Eve In Sydney Harbour

There’s no better excuse to get out and amongst it all than the excitement that comes with the New Year’s Eve festivities in Sydney. The harbour is the perfect destination to elevate your celebration one step further, with great options for viewing the fireworks or for partying early into the new year. You can even stray a little further away from the CBD for the best experiences that lay off the beaten track.

With the city being such a popular destination, you might fear that you’ll get bundled up in the crowd and not know where to go. However, with these tips in your pocket there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to get the most from your night and beckon forth the new year in style.

Witness The Fireworks, Even Closer Than You Can Imagine

Getting to witness the fireworks is the number one priority on everyone’s lists. Whilst there are numerous designated areas where you can view the fireworks display, both paid and unpaid, the absolute top tier option would be viewing from the water itself.

Nobody quite experiences the captivating fireworks display in Sydney quite like those aboard their very own power catamarans. Enjoy the unparalleled view of the sky above, along with the coast around you and the endlessly stretching crowds which you have managed to avoid.

The best option is easily splurging for your own private abode on land. Beachside accommodation for the night will allow you to see the show in luxury and comfort, still without needing to elbow anyone to get a slightly better view. This option also gives you a fantastic home base for the night should you choose to venture forth into the nightlife, or a perfect place to snuggle up and block out the world outside.

Go Out For A Beer, Or To Party Until The Sun Comes Out

Sydney is a city that seems to be unfairly known for its lacklustre party culture. Even as the city has shaken its lockout laws and had its party culture booming as of late, New Year’s Eve is the time when you certainly won’t be able to attest to this criticism. There’s a plethora of bars, clubs, and venues to sink your teeth into on the night.

Did you love the idea of catamaran, but it felt too solitary for your liking? Marry the best of both worlds and float atop the sea whilst partying like there’s no tomorrow – there are several options for cruises ranging from a classy wine and dine to a no-holds-barred party time.

Get Ahead, Book Early

One thing that will be certain about New Year’s in Sydney is that there will be crowds, and those crowds will be dense. When it comes to any dining experience there is zero point in attempting a walk-in. Restaurants on New Year’s Eve will cost a pretty penny and they will be booked out swiftly much earlier in the year. Similarly, even when it comes to booking accommodation or access to certain viewing areas, it pays to book ahead. There is an immensely strong demand during this period and there will be little wiggle room if you leave it too late.

Ensure that you also plan how you will travel as transport options can also be a little bit finicky. Whilst trains, buses and ferries are running, and with extra services, many of these services will be crowded and there may even be delays.

Note as well that as the CBD areas will be as crowded as they are, with many streets being blocked off entirely, it is unlikely that you’ll have any luck using a car or taxi to get you to your destination.

Plan How You’ll Get Home

When all is said and done, it is important that you can get everyone home safe. Ensure that you plan ahead, looking at public transport and the restrictions on services closer to the date, paying mind to how it may affect your plans. Ride share applications will undoubtedly be trying to gouge you with ‘surge pricing’.

Once again, getting a car closer to where you might be is a struggle due to road closures and crowds. Regardless of how well you plan, a little bit of walking may become necessary. Ensure that you wear comfortable shoes for the night, or at least keep some close at hand.

New Year’s Eve in the harbour can be absolutely gorgeous, but it also has the potential to be a stressful one if you have not planned ahead and have no idea of what you’re doing. Make your plan, book ahead and be safe out there as you experience the best of what the city has to offer. One thing is certain, being able to see the fireworks right up close as they shimmer over the water will be an experience that you will never forget.

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