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The Other Woman

The Other Woman

At a glance, this latest chick-flick has shades of a First Wives Club premise. Although a dose of Bette Midler wit never goes astray, it is a wicked edition to the genre. You only have to look at the movie poster of three blondes locked in a group hug to know what you see is what you get. That alone should be a warning to all husbands or boyfriends, if your partner suggests to watch this, make an instant excuse or please divert in to see Noah instead. I watched this so you don’t have to.

A trio of women are all unknowingly with the same lothario, Mark – one his wife, the others mistresses. A good-looking man chiseled with confidence, seemingly the perfect catch – wrong. Feeling jilted, they team up to plan the ultimate girl-power revenge on male promiscuity. How they all meet before turning vengeance into friendship is about as complex as the plot gets. Romance, wine and flowers engulf New York lawyer Carly (Cameron Diaz) until discovering unexpectedly that her friend with benefits is married to Kate (Lesley Mann). During a night of drunken girly bonding fun, a blueprint is set to take Mark down.

Adequate but bumbling detective work unveils a third conquest in the form of much younger and voluptuous Amber (Kate Upton). Explaining the situation to unashamed bimbette Amber does little to spark brain activity but she is more than happy to join in. Blonde power unites over this dashing womanising cheat using each of their skills to any lengths for retribution and his financial ruin. If liberal use of hormonal enhancers, serving up a banquet of laxatives or replacing shampoo with hair removal cream sounds hysterical, this film is for you.

Diaz is a master at this kind of role. That isn’t easy opposite singer Nicki Minaj in her screen debut wearing a host of regulation ‘look at me’ outfits and hairstyles. Bouncy Upton, a swimwear model, is there for a reason, while Mann gives it the most grounded touch. Don Johnson, former Miami Vice heart-throb himself shows veteran balance in limited scenes. Initially an entertaining rom-com ends up a biting satire on infidelity and age. Guys, you have been warned!

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nicki Minaj, Don Johnson, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Rated M – 109 min).

Shane A. Bassett

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