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Gingham & Heels

Gingham & Heels celebrate women at every stage of their life

What began as a fun and creative adventure designing and selling beautiful clothing in Sydney’s Paddington and Bondi Markets quickly turned into an established brand that now boasts six stores nationwide alongside a successful online store accessible to a global customer base. Gingham & Heels is a rising star to watch and a breath of fresh air in the crowded fashion world.

In 2003 Katherine Tsakonas launched Gingham & Heels in Sydney’s bustling and highly popular markets. She traded every weekend, no matter what: rain, hail or shine. Gingham & Heels was quickly embraced by women of all ages for its beautiful, feminine and easy to wear pieces, and Katherine found true passion, joy and drive in delivering this bohemian, uncomplicated, much-sought fashion.

After years of praise in Sydney’s markets, Katherine ventured from Sydney to Melbourne where she would hold weekly pop-up stores alongside other designers within major shopping centres, spreading her particular style and love for design and fashion to a new and embracing audience. Although it was a tough and creative time, Katherine soon realised the high demand for fashionable, accessible, and well-priced women’s clothing and began designing and sourcing fashionable on-trend pieces that were easy to wear, chic and affordable.

“Gingham and Heels aims to be a true lifestyle boutique that is comfortable, chic and affordable. It’s for the fashion forward woman who has an eye for the latest trends, but maintains a classic, feminine
style,” says Katherine Tsakonas, Managing Director.

Today Gingham & Heels has grown to compete amongst Australia’s top fashion labels, as an affordable fashion boutique that maintains a beautiful aesthetic and appeals to everyday women. The Gingham & Heels woman is someone who is a new mum or a career professional or a woman who loves dressing smartly with outfits that make a statement, all wrapped up in an easy to wear fashion bow, allowing for on trend comfort, without breaking the bank.

The label features beautiful flowing fabrics, eye-catching prints and seasonal colours. Gingham & Heels overall has a European feel to it, with Mediterranean summer influences you’d see in Sorrento and Mykonos, and sleek winter styles you’d see on the streets of London and Paris.

The Gingham & Heels woman is casual but stylish, always social, and loves a food accessory! She loves to share her fashion finds with her friends, and happily name drops her favourite labels. She is active, health conscious and outgoing.

“Our Gingham customer enjoys versatility and is always looking for something effortless and chic that can be worn multiple ways, to become a staple in her wardrobe. Whether a new mum or career professional, she enjoys easy to wear fashion that allows her to feel comfortable and stay on trend, without breaking the bank.”

“At Gingham and Heels we celebrate everyday women at all stages of their lives,” says Katherine. “With this in mind, all of our styles and outfits are carefully selected and curated with the goal that they can be dressed up for an event or dressed down for a casual weekend.”

Gingham & Heels has seen much of its success due to its growing online presence. With 175K website visitors and 1.12 million page views per year, plus an outstanding rate of returning customer, Gingham & Heels reaches over 2.3 million women annually. Gingham & Heels social media accounts boast 200K Instagram followers, 230K Facebook followers and 110K email subscribers – making it accessible to almost half a million active followers.

Katherine is excited by the growth of Gingham & Heels online and has her sights set on growing internationally. “Our customer is the quintessential everyday woman and we keep her needs at the heart of everything we do,” adds Katherine.

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