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How to Fly to Tokyo from Sydney

How to Fly to Tokyo from Sydney

Japan is a country that has attractiveness in various aspects, which gives it a strong identity. Nicknamed the land of cherry blossoms, it’s always busy with visitors because of its beauty. One of the popular cities in Japan is Tokyo, which has the best access to public transportation in the world.

Tokyo is a multicultural city where other cultures are mixed harmoniously with Japanese culture. You can try various delicious foods and hunt for the latest fashion items in this city. Or even see the beauty of old buildings blending with modern facilities, such as in the Harajuku areas.

If you are planning to come to Tokyo, the following is a guide for those of you who intend to take a flight to Tokyo from Sydney.

Flight to Tokyo from Sydney

Tokyo is an exciting city because it has many unique things. You can try various delicious dishes, and some are willing to queue for hours at a restaurant. Young people like visiting this city because it has many Instagrammable places and the latest fashion centers, such as Harajuku.

Find another unique side in Shin-Okubo, known as Korea Town or Yokohama as Chinatown. Take advantage of admiring the harmonious combination of old and young buildings that you can see in Harajuku and Bunkyo. Getting around Tokyo is very easy because the Shinkansen is the best state-of-the-art public transportation.

1. Airlines Option to Tokyo from Sydney

As a city visited by many tourists, you can easily find many choices of airlines with various considerations. You can choose based on the departure time and route that will suit your tastes and holiday schedule.

With so many choices, you should order tickets in advance to have more freedom. Because each airline has its advantages, including the facilities provided and the price you must pay. You can choose China Southern Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air Asia, Qantas, etc.

2. The Duration of Flight to Tokyo from Sydney

The routes to travel to Tokyo from Sydney depend on the airline and departure schedule. You will depart from Sydney International Airport and arrive at Haneda International Airport or Narita International Airport.

There are direct flights with a flight duration of around 9.5 hours, but there are only a few choices. Most others must first transit at least once or more, for example, in Kuala Lumpur, Manila, or Melbourne.

3. Visa Requirements to Tokyo from Sydney

Not all foreign tourists on holiday are required to show a visa when visiting Japan, including Australian citizens. The maximum duration is 90 days if you have a valid passport and are not involved in work. For travelers who need to take on limited work, you can apply for a working holiday visa.

4. Best Time to Visit Tokyo

There is no time limit for visiting Tokyo because it offers a different charm in every season. Visit in spring to witness the beauty of cherry blossoms blooming along the roads from late March to early April. As autumn approaches, the city transforms into a warm brown paradise.

Winter is also captivating, offering opportunities for snowboarding, ski jumping, or relaxing in onsens. Summer is a great time to explore the city in comfortable clothes without worrying about rain.

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