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Myrkl Is Making Hangovers History

Myrkl Is Making Hangovers History

Myrkl is already transforming the social lives of Australians by making hangovers history. And now the wonder capsule has revealed another Myrkl-ous superpower: torching calories while you tipple.

Drinking can leave you with a headache in more ways than one: along with that dreaded morning after comes the worry about those liquid calories in every glass. Now the team of scientists behind Myrkl (pronounced ‘mi-ruh-kl’) have revealed that the formula it contains, AB001TM, is not only the first in history to show a promising ability to break down alcohol consumed before it reaches the liver – but at the same time, it also metabolises – or ‘burns’ – some of the calories in the alcohol.

AB001TM burns the alcohol and its calories at the same rate. So after 60 minutes, up to 70% of the calories consumed will have been metabolised. Myrkl’s unique effect on the way our bodies process alcohol was first demonstrated by a published independent and peer-reviewed study. Now a second independent, six month-long study on the pill’s impact on weight loss has revealed promising results.

Frederic Fernandez, Head of Group at Myrkl, says: “Alcoholic drinks are known for being notoriously high calorie, due to not only the sugar content in the alcohol but also the other ingredients that are paired with it. Thankfully, our scientists have shown not only that AB001TM, the active formulation in Myrkl, can leave you feeling refreshed the next day after a big night – but also that it burns the calories in the drinks consumed.”

“This is huge news – and will be particularly welcomed by those who will be heading to parties over the forthcoming festive season, and want to avoid developing a wine belly, or setting themselves back in terms of their health and fitness goals.”Myrkl’s probiotic formula AB001TM is the result of 30 years of research and development by the trusted Swedish healthcare company De Faire Medical and contains high-performing bacteria enriched with L-Cysteine1 and Vitamin B12.

AB001TM converts alcohol into water and carbon dioxide instead of the acetaldehyde and acetic acid that cause hangover symptoms after you drink. Without those biological bad guys in your body, you feel your freshest self the next day. It doesn’t take much alcohol to trigger unpleasant symptoms. Research shows that most people feel below-par the next day after two standard drinks – that’s half the daily limit recommended by the Australian government’s Alcohol Guidelines.

If, like most Aussies, you’re a moderate social drinker (statistics show that just under three-quarters of Australians remain within the government guidelines of no more than 10 standard drinks a week and four a day) you’ll still very likely to feel shabby post-tipple. But taking two Myrkl capsules up to two hours before drinking enables you to wake up refreshed and ready for the day’s challenges without compromising on your social life. Whether you need to bounce back at your brightest for work, parenting, physical activities or all of the above, Myrkl has your back.

The life-changing product made a stunning UK debut this year, selling out within 24 hours of its launch and impressing reviewers so much that one declared Myrkl ‘an act of God.’ Demand has been so high that packs of Myrkl have been snapped up on eBay for up to £250 (AU$436). Independently clinically tested, all-natural and vegan, Myrkl is set to be every fun-loving Australian’s best fitness buddy this festive season.

Myrkl is available at: for £30 (around AU$51) for 30 capsules (15 doses) with free shipment to Australia with a £50 (about AU$85.50) order. Two Myrkl capsules need to be taken at least two hours before drinking and remain effective up to 12 hours after. All product ingredients are recognised as safe by the local regulators. It is not suitable for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or under the age of 18.

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