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How to Help Children Develop Strong Writing Skills

How to Help Children Develop Strong Writing Skills

Writing is an essential skill every human needs to master. Irrespective of what language they primarily communicate in, knowing how to write well in that language is very important. However, for some children, writing doesn’t come as naturally as it does to others. It’s great to give your child a head start in life by teaching them essential writing skills early on in their lives.

You will be helping them express themselves in a much healthier and clear manner. Here are a few ways how one can help children develop strong writing skills.

Make writing an important part of the child’s life

While growing up, children try to grasp all sorts of things they see around them. What you want to do is make sure that they grow up seeing adults around them doing activities you may want the child to copy, like practicing healthy communication habits such as writing regularly. Even if you no longer have any use for physical letters or journals, make sure to practice writing at least once a day and encourage your child to do the same.

Learning to write is something most people inevitably accomplish, but writing well is an entirely different struggle. This is where students often fail if they were never encouraged to write for fun growing up. Such students usually order a research paper writing service every time they need to compose a creative writing assignment for school. Although this option is handy, you still need to work on your child’s writing skills to allow them to handle school writing assignments with ease.

Suggest note-taking

Note-taking is a habit that modern children rarely have. It is also the most efficient way of learning since writing helps you absorb more knowledge and retain it for longer. Note-taking doesn’t even have to be limited to school. Encourage your child to take notes about things they observe whenever they go out. Whether it is a morning hike or a trip to the beach, there is a lot they can notice and learn if they start taking notes or journaling.

Encourage the habit of reading

Create an atmosphere in your home that encourages reading. Reading is beneficial to children as they’re able to develop their language comprehension skills while learning morals and important life lessons at the same time. Reading a good book can change a child’s life and also improve their vocabulary. This in turn makes them more refined writers.

Write letters and emails

If your child doesn’t have a reason to write, give them one. Tell them to write letters to far-off grandparents, friends, and other relatives. Tell them to write notes to the milkman. Let them take on the responsibility of writing emails to the Electricity and Water Board when something comes up. Obviously, you will be there to cross-check everything but giving them that responsibility can make them a lot more confident as a young writer.

Permit copying

If your child enjoys a particular poem or short story a lot, allow them to copy it and try writing something creative and original of their own after that. Copying greatly enhances one’s writing skills and can provide the base inspiration for a child to create original art from scratch. Writing down a favorite story will also help them break it down and analyze the writer’s intent, further helping them in their writing journey.

Tell them the importance of journaling

In the day and age of Notes App journaling, a good, hard-bound leather journal is forgotten. Buy your child a diary or journal to pour their thoughts into. Not only does this help them feel better after a rough day, but it also helps develop their communication skills and writing. Journaling is crucial in helping a young child grow into a well-adjusted, self-aware adult.

Provide constructive criticism and praise

None of the above-mentioned tips will work if the child doesn’t have a source of constant support and encouragement. This is especially true if they’re young and self-critical of their work. Be gentle and encouraging while reviewing their writing and offer praise. Start with telling them what you love about their writing before talking about the things they can do better.

Final Words

Stimulating your child to read and write more will improve their communication skills and help their overall growth. Encourage your child to write about everyday incidents and mundane things to help them get better at it. Remember, their writing does not have to be a literary masterpiece. They just have to practice regularly, and mastery will come.

About the Author

Andrew Mazur is a writer and school counselor. He works primarily in areas related to skill-building and language. His expertise and experience have helped hundreds of young children gauge their interests and pursue subjects they like at school.

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